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Kris Wallace Takes Every Thick Black Inch Of Barrington Peart’s Oversized Ramrod! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 20)
Added: 18/July/2013
Comments: 25


The one’s the cute Polish lad that everyone’s talking about right now (and very rightly so); the other is a hot, horny Dominican who just loves to fuck white ass. Put them together, as we do in this scene, and you pretty much know that you’re onto a winner from the very start! Indeed, we reckon there’s every good chance that you’ll be stroking your dick in appreciation even before these two fine beauties have gotten out of their pants!

Certainly Wallace doesn’t waste any time in reaching for Peart’s thick black mamba – before you know it the fellow is slurping down on all that dark meat like a being possessed. And why the fuck not? Peart’s ramrod is almost worthy of being acclaimed as a site of major scientific interest in its own right; and having savoured a hot, horny session of 69-ing, Wallace presents his pert little ass as the sacrificial offering.

An offering that the black fellow grabs with both hands, so to speak – or, to put it more accurately, with his bulbous-headed cock, which he proceeds to shove balls-deep into the young Pole in a succession of horny positions. In effect, Wallace becomes little more than Peart’s fuck-doll – a role that clearly does it for the white boy, who spews a fine wad mid-flow. But it’s the way that the Dominican spews into Wallace’s open mouth as a finale that really seals the deal! No doubt about it, this is one ball-bustin’ scene you don’t want to miss!

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So pity it's always the Black guy who has to rim the ass of the white guy. Sex is a game of give & take. It would have be nice if Kris Wallace licked Barington Peart his ass too. Btw, i am a white guy but i am a fighter for equal rights for Black & White

noelweets, 18/July/2013

noelweets is rights, of course... generally very little rimming in most scenes.. but of course not every model likes it. I love this scene, by the way - Ebony & Ivory :D More of that, please!

Nympho, 18/July/2013

Kris and Barrington made, with John, another extraordinary moment of porn. Kris gives a very sensual ambience to each scene he does. Barrington is the other important piece. Congratulations for Kris, because he continues to shine on Staxus.

Vaclav, 19/July/2013

This is what happens, when John Smith puts Kris Wallace together with a horny Dominican guest. The scene gives for every second the impression, that all involved enjoyed their work.

Steven, 19/July/2013

Phew, a really hot video! No let-up in the passion between these two. One fuck position follows the other in rapid succession until the final explosions of cum. But even then Kris doesn't give up. With his face covered in slime he greedily feasts on Barrington's tongue and fat black lips right up until the end.

Alan Lowe, 20/July/2013

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