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Horny Electrical Gets Connected To A Dirty Boy-Bitch Who Just Loves Raw Dick! HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 17)
Added: 19/July/2013
Duration: 18 minutes, 12 seconds
Comments: 25


We’re not questioning Ethan White’s skills as an electrician, but the one thing we will say is that he’s clearly a guy who’s easily distracted – not least of all when there’s some hot, horny twink on the scene, in this instance Oscar Roberts. Why, the young painter only has to make the slightest suggestion and White’s stripping off his overalls in anticipation of some filthy, hardcore action – which, it must be pointed out, proves easily forthcoming. Indeed, Roberts can’t wait to get hold of the thick, uncut ramrod that’s nestled inside White’s pants; and before you know it the sparky is enjoying the kind of deep-throated blowjob that ought to be part and parcel of every electrical inspection. In fairness, of course, it’s pretty obvious even to the grossly uninitiated that Roberts is really only after one thing here – and to be honest he’s come to exactly the right place. The truth is that White really can’t wait to get balls-deep into his pal’s eager little ass-hole; and, having taken a few moments to rim Roberts towards ecstasy, is soon pounding away bareback like the dirty little animal he clearly is. Fortunately for him, he’s found a very willing bitch in Roberts, who literally can’t get enough dick in that pert ass of his; and it’s only fitting that the scene should end with White spurting his nads all over his buddy’s cute, expectant face!

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Very nice performance in a work little break ;). It was great to see Ethan again and also this new cutie. Oscar must do some more for Staxus

Vaclav, 20/July/2013

For all the Ethan White fans, for me, there is a problem with the Staxus Directors who, in his most recent films, have models hands holding hard shafted cocks blocking out the beauty of Ethan's gorgeous physic and, secondly, don't know really how to get an erotic shot of his cock fucking somebody. These things for most well-healed companies are basic 101 starting points, painfully lacking here with Staxus. A change in approach is in order. If anybody would like a reference performance, just ask and I'll submit one showing how it should be done and what I'm talking about.

nedrow1, 20/July/2013

I agree with the comment on Ethans gorgeous physic. Have been a fan of his since his very first film for Staxus and this does not change my opinion of him. I do think the camera work could have been better in this scene. It was not, in my opinion one of Michael Burlings best shoots. Would like to see more of Oscar Roberts.

keith, 20/July/2013

For a follow-up to how well male films can be developed, check out the above new films here: Super Sub, Two Double, and From Venice. All these hands-free, beautiful, gorgeous camera angles and lighting proving the Ethan White production team should be replaced or trained to do what everybody else is doing.

nedrow1, 22/July/2013

crazy rating for this scene :-D

Morgana, 23/July/2013

hi nedrow please feel free to send Michael your example scene. you can contact him through the forum and explain where you think he is going wrong. he now has a new camera and we hope that will increase the quality of his work.

steve, 29/July/2013

Just catching up on older stuff, loved this one, don't know what all the bitching was about, but then I was more interested in Oscar and saw him take it deep so I was fine.

bobby, 09/July/2014

Ethan has a very sexy body and a nice large organ, plus his cute butt, wish they could bring him back for a movie again.

Mart, 18/February/2018

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