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From Venice With Lust – Brad Fitt Gives His Blond Lover A Raw Table-Top Fucking! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 49)
Added: 20/July/2013
Duration: 23 minutes, 8 seconds
Comments: 25


Who could visit Venice and be unmoved by the raw romance of this amazing city? Not Tim Walker and Brad Fitt, that’s for sure – having experienced the delights of the pearl of the Adriatic and enjoyed the pleasures of a fine Italian red wine together, the two boys decide to sign the day off by savouring a little carnal knowledge. And who the fuck can blame them?

Beginning with a gentle smooch, that very quickly unfolds into something much more passionate, with Fitt sucking his mate off over the table! Indeed, it’s clear from the start of their encounter that this particular piece of dining furniture is going to be put to some very good use in this scene, as is highlighted when the lads engage in a superb session of 69-ing right across its length! And needless to say it also features as the basis for the ensuing fuck, when Fitt finally pushes his meaty, uncut shaft deep inside Walker’s pucker during what proves to be a very energetic, almost primeval session of open-air fornication.

The delicate line between pleasure and pain is clearly etched on every inch of Walker’s face throughout. What’s more, there’s no disguising Fitt’s relief when he finally spews all over his mate’s butt-hole, or indeed any denying the chemistry between both guys in the lingering final kiss. Has sex in the sun – be it in Italy or elsewhere – ever been hotter?

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Velmi krásná. Líbí se mi oba muži!

hrj1988 Johan, 20/July/2013

This is the first time I added a video to my favorites! Thank-you Staxus for delivering amazing porn with two of your most amazing models!!

Devin, 21/July/2013

Great to see Brad back in action (literally!!) and to team Brad with the very cute Tim was inspirational - excellent scene.

memesteve, 21/July/2013

Starting with the beautiful Venice scenes and the two gorgeous models, Brad demonstrates the erotic beauty of hands-free sucking and fuckings contrary to the amateurish episodes of the previous film, Horny Electricians. Hot Outdoors was hot and succulent to everybody's pleasure.

nedrow1, 21/July/2013

Brad should get before the camera more often :-)

Steven, 21/July/2013

Congratulations, and thank you, Staxus, you have produced another great scene featuring Tim Walker. In my opinion he is your most adorable and sexy model at present, and you should make as many scenes with him as you can. His long, blond hair, beautiful face, and slender body are wonderfully sexy and appealing. While he is young, beautiful, and available, I suggest that you use him as often as you can, and that you explore and push his limits in every way possible, to produce as many different kinds of scenes with Tim as you can make. I buy every DVD featuring Tim Walker that I can find, and I know other men who share my opinion and think that Tim is the best model that you have. In my opinion a young man as beautiful as Tim Walker should always be a bottom, and the best possible porn would have Tim fucked and cream-pied by as many huge cocks as possible; and huge black cocks would be the most erotic. One suggestion: I believe that Tim should let the hair in his armpits, his pubic hair, and the hair on his legs grow out naturally, as long as possible. That sort of body hair is very sexy to see, and compliments Tim's fine long, blond hair on his head.

professormarvel7, 21/July/2013

félicitations pour cette très grande scène réunissant deux formidables petits minets à croquer .Brad est fantastique et Tim est le plus extraordinaire minet que j'aie depuis trente ans que je visionne du porno gay régulièrement .Ce petit TIM, il faut nous le servir à toutes les sauces et le plus souvent possible. PERSONNE NE POURRAIT S4EN LASSER.

PASCALOUX, 21/July/2013

Simply...fantastic !!! Tim Walker is gorgeous in acting and Brad is also a star doing his job ! 23 lovely minutes of porn and that final kiss, wow, a beautiful end . Amazing scene in Italy

Vaclav, 21/July/2013

I find the model who calls himself as "Brad Fitt" entertaining and attractive to some degree. I cannot help but notice however, that his body is covered with small spots of some sort. Merely an observation.

hrj1988: Johan, 25/July/2013

Pure Poetry the Fornication of these noble reatures, their Soul sweet and lustful, their aristocratic Sodomy.

C(Rome), 04/October/2014

Holy Mother of God, Tim has a superb Manhood. For me, his wonderful Cock is God, his Orgasm is the Holy Spirit, his delicious Sperm is Jesus.

Paolo (Rome), 04/October/2014

i wrote Nonsense.

Paolo (Rome), 04/October/2014

OMG, I can't be;ieve I hadn't seen this untill today. I am a hugh fan of Tim Walker and I thought I had seen all his films on Staxus. Ever since the foot fettish with Tim Law I have lusted for more of him. Brad Fitt is just too freakin adorable. His j/o scene in EXTRAS is stunning. Only one critism if I may, not enough kissing during the sex. It starts off romantic and then drops the ball. There were some opportunities for foot caresses as well but that's just me. Great scene guys, loved the venue. ❤dr

dr24, 17/November/2014

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