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Super-Sub Milan Sharp Gets Pounded Like A Fuck-Doll By His Big-Dicked Mate! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 29)
Added: 22/July/2013
Comments: 25


You only need to take one glance at the pairing of Milan Sharp and Benjamin Dunn, and see them standing side by side when Dunn jumps off a tram to meet up with his pal in Prague, to realise where this scene’s going. Dunn, after all, towers head and shoulders above the young blond; and the fact that Sharp is (as we all know) such an insatiable bottom means that his accommodation of Dunn’s meaty, uncut ramrod is pretty much a shoe-in from the start.

Don’t let this obvious realisation detract from the worthiness of this fabulous coupling, however. If anything, the fact that Dunn is such a natural top to Sharp’s bottom only adds to the scene; and both boys are very much at the height of their game as they play and cavort like a pair of eager bucks. Indeed, the real sense of enjoyment on the part of both lads almost oozes from the screen; and Dunn’s dick eventually slides into Sharp’s fuck-hole with such ease that you’d be quite forgiven for thinking that it was made for this solitary purpose.

Sharp, for his part, is the perfect fuck in every sense, taking every inch like a pro and ultimately bouncing up and down on Dunn’s lap as if he were a fuck-doll. By the time he gives an open-mouthed reception to Dunn’s dick – knowingly eyeing the camera as he does so – your own appreciative spurt (or two) is guaranteed!

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One word : PERFECT !!!

noelweets, 22/July/2013

noelweets called this one: Perfect. Sharp, a Perfect cute, with a butt to die for, and Dunn as handsome as the guy next door can get with a swinging nut sac and purple headed cockhead. Perfect. And Perfect it was that Sharp lapped, slicked, and swallowed Dunn's fresh thick deluge of nectar. Perfect it was. Memorable.

nedrow1, 22/July/2013

I agree with nedrow1. This scene is a feast for the harcore lovers and i am one of them. It's an ALL IN ONE scene. Bareback, Kissing, Rimming, Fucking, 69,Cum eating and Cum Kiss. Perfect match between Benjamin Dunn and Milan Sharp. More of this please !!!

noelweets, 22/July/2013

Benjamin is the best. Love him. Great scene.

Sefo, 22/July/2013

Extraordinary ! Milan and Benjamin : a perfect combination. When something is made with passion and wisdom the outcome is this : a perfect scene with everything we can imagine. Look at minute 15 : an adorable doggy-style. look at minute 17 : and adorable in and out. look at the end : a perfect chemistry between two super models. So, this is...perfect !

Vaclav, 22/July/2013

just one more thing : in my opinion, this is a rough sex scene, but made with such passion and, specially, with love !

Vaclav, 22/July/2013

Indeed Vaclav, a rough hardcore scene and like you said with a lot of passion, love and tenderness. I can watch this scene over and over. My boyfriend will be very happy tonight because this scene made me very horny.

noelweets, 22/July/2013

beautifully done !!!! this is one I will watch again and again !

mrdp, 22/July/2013

Again a scene quickly added to the favorites. A horny scene from intro to end

Steven, 22/July/2013

In one word: Superb. This is how gay porn should be: intense and passionate with 2 models who know how to perform in front of the camera.

Dutch Dude, 22/July/2013

This is an amazing video from start to finish. Superbly filmed! I loved Milan Sharp in this one, from the bulge in his jeans at the start to his always hard cock when he's getting fucked, and finally his big juicy load of cum at the end! The doggy style shots were the best for me as the top pulled out completely and reinserted his cock into Milan's ass. Excellent work!

visitor, 23/July/2013

Absolutely excellent: I love the passion, the chemistry between these two was there, the camera work was great. Thi is one of the best scenes I have ever seen on Staxus!! Well done everyone involved.

keith, 24/July/2013

Une scène de haute voltige bien filmée, bien hard avec en full HD une qualité d'image exceptionnelle.Félicitations

PASCALOUX, 24/July/2013


ก๊อต, 28/August/2013

excellent. . hot. the wanting the giving wow

trjohnson147, 12/November/2014

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