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Lager-Supping Chavs Enjoy Some Deep-Throated Fun & A Hard Raw Fuck! HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 22)
Added: 29/July/2013
Duration: 20 minutes, 37 seconds
Comments: 25


Honestly now, is there anything better than watching a couple of half-brained, baseball-capped chavs slouching around whilst they drink lager and piss around on the computer? Well, as Kamyk Walker and Jonathan Tago ably demonstrate here, perhaps there is – but only if they get their cocks out! Fortunately for us, both these lads appear more than happy, willing and able to do exactly that; and before you know it the two boys have their clenched fists wrapped around their respective dicks.

Not that either of these guys are gonna be content with a simple wank, of course – least of all Walker, who (as we all know very well by now) is never backward at coming forwards where dick’s concerned. As it turns out, however, it’s Tago who makes the first move, slurping on his mate’s shaft with the kind of eagerness we like to see from our lads. But when it comes to cock-worship, of course, there’s very few who can compete with Walker; and having savoured Tago’s efforts it’s up to him to show us how it’s really done, deep-throating his pal’s handsomely-sized ramrod and then promptly mounting the meaty, hooded dong and giving it a real hard ride from every direction.

The result is a breathless, laddish fuck that pretty much sums up chaps of this age and class; and by the time Tago has summed up proceedings by spurting on Walker’s face and then finishing off his can, your own satisfied wad is assured!