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Cute Blond Twink Gets A Double-Penetration Cocktail & A Face-Load Of Black Jizz! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 42)
Added: 26/July/2013
Comments: 25


He’s like a sweet tender young lamb to the slaughter block, but the delightful Alexander Syden doesn’t care – in fact, he’s quite literally bubbling with youthful excitement at the prospect of being buggered by black sex-gods, Devon LeBron and Barrington Peart. And given what we all already know about these two handsome Dominicans is it really any wonder?

After all, LeBron and Peart each pack quite a terrific punch and combined as a duo they’re almost the ultimate package! To his credit, Syden immediately begins to feast on their two monster dicks like a being possessed, deep-throating those oversized mambas and, in the process, reminding the two black dudes (not to mention us) that he’s the perfect white slut whose only reason for existence right now is to be used and abused. It’s a message that’s underlined by the way he then proceeds to ride both dicks in turn, cowboy-style; before succumbing to arguably one of the ultimate taboos in the form of a double-black-cocked slamming.

Needless to say, the boy looks a total whore as he takes every inch on offer, wrecking his ass-hole in the process; but the ultimate humiliation doesn’t come until LeBron and Peart jerk themselves off onto the youngster’s face, leaving Syden dripping with jizz in the process. Totally perverse and unbelievably hot, this Caribbean interracial fuck-fest will leave you completely drained but very, very satisfied!

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EXCELLENT ! such talent.

epis7copal, 26/July/2013

Another awesome scene with Alexander !! I'm not sure what's bigger those 2 cocks or Tim Walker's fist but either way Alexander takes it like a champ !! BRAVO !! More scenes with Alexander would be very welcomed. He is the best :)

Bill, 26/July/2013

more DOUBLE ANAL !!!! and Triple Anal !!

gbanger, 26/July/2013

My opinion : Alexander Syden has a female look, not really my type of MAN. But Barrington Peart and Devon LeBron are BIG hunks with BIG tools. Anyway, respect for Alexander Syden with thos BIG tools in his ass. I gues he needed a few days of rest after this scene was taken (LOL)

noelweets, 26/July/2013

Another brilliant double anal scene in Staxus ! Alexander took the dominicans with a big smile and how he needed it ;).. Quite a challenge these dominicans, specially Devon's snake ;). It's a brilliant performance, but I must say I was expecting more sex in this scene with Alexander. There is a little too much suckin' in this one. Enjoyed a lot Alexander's entrance !

Vaclav, 26/July/2013

Une très grande scène. Le petit ALEXANDER est un adorable minet à nous servir à toutes les sauces le plus souvent possible.

PASCALOUX, 26/July/2013

Impressive what Alexander can take in his slim ass.

Steven, 26/July/2013

More Black Men, please. Your latest videos with Black and Latin men are a hit!!!

garyls, 26/July/2013

I so wanna see these two black studs with Aaron Aurora! please:-)

Stevie, 26/July/2013

Wow, kudos to Alex. He looked like he was in heaven and looked so worn out at the end :P Hope he recovers swiftly ;)

DeathEater1, 27/July/2013

This is what makes Alexander Syden (and Aaron Aurora) so special amongst the British models. They actually look as if they are enjoying themselves. Talk about the Joy of Sex!! Little guys but perfectly happy to take on a major challenge and have great fun with a smile on their face!! Nothing wooden about them! No sense that they would rather be elsewhere and are not really enjoying themselves.

Explorer1, 27/July/2013

Loving these black guys!! Though cum shoot slightly disappointing, I wanna see some black babies being conceived ;)

whatsacondom, 28/July/2013

Thank you for finding some black men to mix in! It is a very nice addition to Staxus line. Mixing it up a little, older younger, white black latin (Asian?), hair/smooth, romance and pure fucking. Variety helps to keep me as a customer! Great video!

marrump, 28/July/2013

What a filthy little whore Alexander is. Even two enormous black cocks up his hungry little boy-cunt didn't seem to satisfy him. Staxus should try pairing him with a real live donkey next time.

Alan Lowe, 02/August/2013

Damn! Perfection!

Gaunt 40K, 27/September/2013

why can I not get your movies? it says:"Error loading player: Could not load player configuration" Can you help?

eckart, 02/October/2013

why can I not see this movie ????????

eckart, 02/October/2013

If you like emaciated moppet-haired sexually ambiguous children, then you'll love Alexander in this video. What especially made it for me was how you could tell he had quite bad oral thrush when he popped his tongue out at the end. Truly delightful

Alex the Cat, 10/October/2013

Somewhere there's a market for concentration-camp thin twinks with oversized heads. And little Alexander is perfect for that market. Looking for all the world like a mash-up between a Bergen-Belsen survivor and a giant lollypop, he gurns and simpers his way through this scene like a champ.

Addy, 17/October/2013

he looks like a little choirboy but fuck is he GOOD

zaharakid, 20/November/2013

woooooooow such a hot threesome i wish there was some hot ass eating

max, 02/December/2013

That boy is sweet and very very sexy.I came when he rode those 2 monstercocks and I came in the end when his mouth was wideopen and he was so eager to have it filled with cum,and after submitting this comment I ´m going to see it again and cum again (and again and again...)

byck69, 11/December/2013

what a slut boy damn he loves big black dick

sal, 05/February/2014

please much more ebony models with big cocks like him

matt01, 15/May/2014

Alexander, noble gay Angel !!

PaoloRome, 09/November/2014

OMG!!!!! I'm new to the site and this video was HOT!!!!! I shot a huge load when he was taking both cocks, I love the look on his face, I hope the whole site is as good as my first video experience has been

d1topeka, 16/December/2014

this was amazing he is so cute and those big black cocks yummmm

yum, 25/January/2015

this scene is beautiful

yum, 06/April/2015

i couldn't take it any longer, so did black guys ever get hard & does cute white boy ever have anything, at say? haha I just loked back...two bbc's in his ass and i never heard him say any-fucking-thang! Is this acceptable to gay dudes? To anyone???

Morgan, 03/May/2017

beautiful oh wow

kim , 11/August/2017

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