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Dick-Lovin’ Twink Gets Plenty Of Thick Chav Cock To Stretch All His Holes! HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 32)
Added: 02/August/2013
Duration: 19 minutes, 40 seconds
Comments: 25


Who can resist the charms of a handsome chav? Not Alexander Syden, that’s for sure, as he bounds into the room to find Jordan Downing taking a nap – the lad’s second-favourite activity, given that his first is fucking hot ass! Before you can say Jack Robinson, Syden’s fingering his mate’s crotch and then sucking the king-sized dick that he discovers inside Downing’s pants; an unquestionably eager move that signals the start of this fantastic high-octane display.

Downing for his part seems to love every second of Syden giving head, but is it any great wonder? The feel of Syden’s pierced tongue running up and down his bell-end is surely more than enough to get the juices flowing; and it comes as no surprise when Downing returns to compliment on the strawberry-blond twink’s hairless dick. But, as we all know, Downing’s main objective in this set-piece is to get his fuck-rod as deep into Syden’s hungry butt as quickly as possible – an objective he achieves with almost breathtaking ease even for this hardcore scally.

As such it’s no time at all before Syden is bouncing up and down the full raw length of Downing’s love-stick, gasping in delight as the chav then mounts him from every given direction. No surprise then that the lad is soon spurting like an overdue geyser; leaving Downing to shoot his wad into Syden’s open mouth!

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Rating this scene 5 but a little rimming would be nice .....

noelweets, 02/August/2013

I rate this scene a 8, its hot and very energetic. alexander syden is always so hot and horny!!!

robyrob1, 02/August/2013

Alexander : don't get away from Staxus ! . Jordan : welcome ! More of you is needed ! Great moment you shared with us. Passion is always one of the best features of a sex scene.

Vaclav, 02/August/2013

Watching Alexander squirming with pleasure and whimpering in delight is a massive turn-on! He really is one of the very best of the Brit models and is up there with Milan, Brad, Kamyk and the fantastic Central European guys. Keep on on Staxus!!

Explorer1, 02/August/2013

Very nice scene indeed! The chemistry was good, but I would have liked to hear them talk a bit more (a general comment for all Staxus scenes, not just this one). Alexander is very handsome, and I love his hairy crotch and long foreskin. I would love to see more of it up close in the future! And I agree with noelweets that some rimming (for both of them) would be nice.

visitor, 02/August/2013

Une très bonne scène. Le petit ALEXANDER est un minet génial que je souhaite voir le plus souvent possible.

PASCALOUX, 03/August/2013

It´s a pity that Alexander has stopped shooting. He is always good for a passionate and energetic scene. Horny first scene for Jordan

Steven, 03/August/2013

Alexander was great as usual but the real treat for me was the performance by Jordan. I prefer smooth skinned guys but the contrast with Jordan's body was a nice touch and boy oh boy can Jordan fuck!! I hope we see more scenes with Jordan fucking the shit out of smooth skinned twinks.

james, 04/August/2013

A beautiful hard fuck with a cock that was horny for the hungry asshole that needed to be pounded hard and with rapidity.

2hornynipples, 08/August/2013

A good hard fuck!!! I would luv to have been the bottom for the top.

hornynipples, 23/September/2013

little choirboy Alexander has to be the best thing around at the moment

zaharakid, 20/November/2013

the cum scene was not good but the effort the nymph choirboy, Alexander puts in is brilliant

zaharakid, 29/November/2013

In a word, Awesome!

Tanner 0'Neill, 01/December/2013

wow so it can eating cum! more of this and not in name but real eating and cum in mouth, not shut the mouth the moment he cums,, 05/January/2014

this is one hot film, alexander is a dream

zaharakid, 05/August/2014

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