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Jaxon Radoc Enjoys A Smoking Hot Fuck From A Hot Little Red-Head! HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 24)
Added: 08/August/2013
Duration: 21 minutes, 17 seconds
Comments: 25


If you like your porn-stars to be lean, fresh-faced and as horny as fuck then you’ve most definitely come to the right place where this terrific little scene is concerned. Jaxon Radoc and Lewis Taylor are both as cute as new buttons right from the very moment that they appear on-screen in their school uniforms – though admittedly their clothes don’t stay on them for very long, with Radoc jumping straight into the shower and Taylor following on just behind!

Not that either of the lads appear even slightly interested in having a wash. Taylor, in particular, simply can’t wait to be devouring his pal’s deliciously engorged knob – and who the fuck can blame him? Radoc, in return, is simply gagging to get his hungry ass-hole stuffed full of hard, rampant dick – an ambition that (not surprisingly) he achieves in almost record time. Which is just as well because it means that we don’t have to wait very long to see the lad’s bubble-butt ass-cheeks bouncing up and down on Taylor’s man-shaft – an almost angelic vision that’s surely worth an annual subscription to the STAXUS site in itself.

Believe us, the young Aussie bottom is desperate to savour the stuffing of his life, and red-head Taylor is very evidently the fellow to give it to him. And that’s exactly what he does – big time! Ultimately leading to a fabulous multi-shot crescendo of pent-up cum from both lads that leaves Radoc’s belly dripping with boy-goo!

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Jaxon, Jaxon,'re a supreme bottom ! I'm almost speechless with you. It was so hot that day and you and Lewis made that moment even hotter !! Liked to see more of Jaxon when he was on all fours, but this sweaty moment is very goooooood ! Indeed very good

Vaclav, 08/August/2013

All i see in this scene is a lot of acne and rashes.

noelweets, 08/August/2013

why do you have to be so rude noelweets i think lewis taylor and jaxon are verry good models

connor levi, 08/August/2013

Don't worry about it Connor. Some people like to make other people feel bad, or try to damage their self esteem. I think that Lewis did very well, I'd like to see 'noelweets' give porn a go at such a young age.

Jaxon Radoc , 08/August/2013

Quite right, Connor and Jaxon!! I have already commented on the Forum about how young Lewis is and how very well he did given it was his first scene. A lot of confidence for a new guy making his first film. It takes a hell of a lot of guts to perform in front of a camera knowing that you are trying to please a lot of people you don't know and will never know!!

Explorer1, 08/August/2013

La remarque de NOELWEETS sur l'acné et éruptions cutanées est inconvenante et absolument déplacée. JAXON et LEWIS peuvent être rassurés, ce sont de bons acteurs et de très beaux minets

PASCALOUX, 08/August/2013

Sorry, my apologies :-(

noelweets, 08/August/2013

Don't forget to follow Jaxon on ! - Andy, 08/August/2013

Congratulations on another excellent production. I hope we see Lewis in many more scenes.

james, 09/August/2013

I know it's not an excuse but i had a very bad day yesterday. I want to apologize me again for my rude comment yesterday on this scene, specialy to Jaxon Radoc and lewis Taylor. This will never happen again. Sorry again guys. Noël

noelweets, 09/August/2013

Jaxon and Lewis accept your apologizes. They will for sure ! Everyone has a bad day... And, Noel, seeing a hot duo in a hot day would be very good to forget what happened ;)

Vaclav, 09/August/2013

I really liked Lewis in his first shoot. He did a very good job at fucking Jaxon and should be a boy to look out for in the future. Good luck in your career Lewis. I liked his hair (don't ask him to cut it Michael!). Hope to see you in many future shoots.

keith, 10/August/2013

I'd Love to kiss/lick every inch of Lewis's gorgeous pale slim body & suck his beautiful Cock

juicygoo4me, 31/December/2013

Lewis is super sexy!

Tim USA, 20/January/2014

Jaxon's beauty is (now) nearly a legend...and Lewis Taylor is such a pretty redhead! I cannot imagine that any (weets) could badmouth a scene featuring my two favourite young men (...) I only hope to see the two again in the near future. Redheads and Blonds rule! lol All the best to Jaxon and Lewis we (heart) you...

existenz (in Canada), 25/January/2014

Just saw this clip for ther first time. I'm new to the side. I just love both boys, they are so cute together!

hetloo, 22/May/2015

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