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Eager Young Twink Gets Worked Over Big Time By Handsome, Hard-Dicked Fuck-Machine! HD

3.1/5 (Total votes: 18)
Added: 10/August/2013
Duration: 19 minutes, 20 seconds
Comments: 25


We’re quite sure that young Kyle Dickson’s mother – like mothers the world over - used to warn her son about meeting up with strange men and mixing with the wrong crowd, but if this scene’s anything to go by then it seems that the words fell very much on deaf ears. Still, Mrs. Dickson’s loss is very much our gain, as the young blond lad hooks up with the somewhat intimidating Andreas Ramirez – both guys supporting nothing more than skimpy towels and rather impressive hard-ons beneath!

Before you know it, the horny little twink is down on his knees giving the up-turned roll of meat between Ramirez’s thighs the kind of keen attention that such a handsome bell-end surely deserves; whilst the thuggish, cropped-haired Ramirez snorts poppers and savours every lasting blow that Dickson can cast in his direction. Not that a fellow of Ramirez’s dubious character is ever gonna be content with a mere blow-job; and it should come as no surprise to anyone when the fellow begins to eagerly beaver away at the poor twink’s ass with his tongue, in readiness for the hardcore fuck that’s coming Dickson’s way.

And so it proves, with Ramirez slamming his pal’s ass-hole with his long black dick; whilst Dickson subserviently takes every inch like any good sub should. No question about it, the horny little blond is dominated in every possible sense, even to the point of taking a terrific wad of jizz over his face as the scene concludes; though the satisfaction on his face as the camera fades, however, is unmistakable. In short, this lad likes to be a real man’s bitch!

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Too much spit, too much poppers, too many tattoos, too much FUPA. Sorry, this is not the Staxus that brought us hot scenes with models like Julien Breeze, Thomas Dyke, Cameron Jackson, Johnny Hunter, Marty Love, Johan Volny, Jay Renfro, George Basten, Timothy Nixon, Brian Bower, Daniel Wood, Robbie Masters, Kamil Fox, Alex Stevens etc. etc. etc.

Dutch Dude, 11/August/2013

I agree Dutch Dude. It didn't do anything for me . It is not up to the very high standard of Staxus now.

Keith, 11/August/2013

not agree, seeing guys taking poppers is really much more hot. I want to see more guys taking some !!!

FSROLLIN, 11/August/2013

I didn't care the popper either but I appreciate the hard fucking and sexual chemistry between the two models

ringwraith44, 11/August/2013

I enjoyed the action made by Kyle and Andreas. Kyle has a wonderful arse. Andreas was, for sure, amazed with him.

Vaclav, 12/August/2013

Yeah, I don't get the whole spitting thing either O.o

DeathEater1, 12/August/2013

I think there could have been more fitting positions chosen: Kyle looks better from behind or lying than bend over from the side and the following "exercises" did not look relaxed. Had expected more after the better first hal of the scene.

Steven, 12/August/2013

the spitting spoils it a turn off for me

zaharakid, 11/December/2013

Kyle is pure Delight, pure Nobility.

Paolo (Rome), 30/September/2014

noble Kyle, Jesus love you, sweet Boy.

Paolo, Rome, 01/October/2014

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