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Flip-Flop Mannequin Fuck-Fest Gets Alex Masters Spewing Like A Fucking Volcano! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 40)


Alex Master, Boris Orla

Added: 27/August/2013
Duration: 24 minutes, 4 seconds
Comments: 25


Inspired artistry – or just a rather warped, perverse fantasy? The idea of falling in love (or, in this case, lust) with a mannequin is not entirely new, but it sure as fuck stands this terrific scene out from the crowd. Indeed, we hazard a guess that there aren’t too many porn vignettes that you’ve ever seen that begin with the protagonist – in this case Alex Masters – snogging the face off a shop-dummy!

Weird, kinky, call it what you like, but it’s not long before the faceless stooge has magically transformed itself into Boris Orla, a blond-haired beauty that you almost certainly wouldn’t want to kick out of bed in a hurry. Certainly stubble-faced Masters seems to respond to the changeover with gusto, quickly stripping Orla out of his jocks and then feasting on the handsome length of hardened flesh that he finds between the fellow’s legs.

Having then experienced Orla’s oral talents on his own dick, Masters instigates a delightfully robust top-to-toe session; before eventually succumbing to temptation and parting his legs to every swollen inch that his blond fantasy can muster. Not that Masters’ use of his blond fantasy is limited to acting as bottom. No, he’s more than capable of flip-flopping into the dominant power in this amazing escapade; before producing what has to be one of the best money-shots around, with a truly volcanic eruption that has Orla grinning like the proverbial Cheshire Cat in appreciation!

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What a great scene with Alex Master and Boris Orla. A nice fantasy how a mannequin turned into a living man. MAXIMUM rating 5/5 for this scene.

noelweets, 27/August/2013

True, a great scene, though overall it appeared perfunctory and stilted for some reason. Where was the passion.

nedrow1, 27/August/2013


Sefo, 27/August/2013

great scene with two hot studs

robyrob1, 27/August/2013

As much as I love the twinks on Staxus, it's great to see some more toned guys for a change. Really love Boris, his abs are fantastic, especially when he shoots his load over them. Dunno if it's just me but he's got the look of Bastian Schweinsteiger!

Mike, 27/August/2013

this is really hot flip-flop, really enjoyed watching it

marko, 27/August/2013

Really nice scene. I think Boris is a 5 ***** performer and I really loved the smile on his face when Alex shoots his big load. One small point: I would have liked it when Boris had fucked Alex in more than just one position. I really hope that we do see more of Boris here on Staxus because he's worth it!

Dutch Dude, 27/August/2013

Nice and funny scene - more on the creative side (of the director, I guess :-) Hot models, too. :-)

Nympho_Maniac, 28/August/2013

Respect for this unusual Staxus scene. Although the models seem not to have much practice on screen (or Johns direction style), they performed well. Tasty hunks *g*

Steven, 28/August/2013

Excellent video with these hot handsome boys and their athletic bodies.

JAGarcia, 28/August/2013

Oh,man! Wow! I want to be 20 years old again. Lovely!

NS, 31/August/2013

I had to comment on this just because both of these guys are so gorgeous! Alex is especially hot, with those big balls and his tightly muscled physique. I hope we get a lot more of this gorgeous stud in the coming weeks and months!

Tommy, 01/September/2013

bo mec

anm, 14/March/2014

Love Alex ! I doubt it, but any chance he'll appear again in one next video ? He still has so much potential / to give ! thanks.

Christian, 19/October/2014

Alex is so beautiful. Please give us more of this model.

Alan, 22/October/2014

I loved Alex in his only scene with Staxus. Super guy. Too bad it seems we will not see him anymore ?

Christian, 21/March/2015

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