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Cody’s Deliveryman Unleashes A Fuckin Cum-Spurting Monster! HD

3.1/5 (Total votes: 14)
Added: 12/September/2013
Duration: 21 minutes, 28 seconds
Comments: 25


Cody Reed has always enjoyed receiving a big package, so the arrival of postal-worker, Drew Brody, carrying a heavy box was pretty much destined to bring a smile to the young twink’s lips. But unbeknown to the pert, fresh-faced beauty, the real package of note in this scene is the one that Brody has stashed in his pants – a truly mouth-watering trouser-snake that really does almost defy belief! Don’t for one moment think that your eyes are deceiving you, however.

What quickly emerges from the confines of Brody’s crotch really is for fuckin’ real – and by the look on Reed’s face as he confronts the monster eye-to-eye you can’t help but suspect that this is one lucky young fellow who can’t believe what he’s seeing. Namely ten beautiful inches of rampant black cock-flesh that would have any size queen rolling their eyes in ecstasy! Needless to say, Reed immediately launches his lips up and down the length of this oversized monster, feasting on dick as if it was his vocation – which to some extent it clearly is. All that said, the lad’s clearly not going to be happy until his hungry asshole is riding that meaty ramrod to heaven and back – a feat that might be considered over and above the talents of most boys, but not our Cody!

In fact, the horny bitch seems to go almost to another level in his quest to accommodate every inch that Brody can offer; and it’s no small wonder that he’s soon spurting for all he’s worth. A feat soon replicated by Brody himself, who seems to delight in rupturing his big black nads all over Reed’s face. In a word ... fanfuckingtastic!!