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Daniel Prince gives Jaden Fox more than just a massage! HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 13)
Added: 18/September/2013
Duration: 21 minutes, 48 seconds
Comments: 25


Blond beauty, Jaden Fox, is feeling rather stiff – and not just in his crotch! It’s a good job, therefore, that he has the healing hands of Daniel Prince to help soothe his troubled back; though it has to be said that it’s not long before the young, dark-headed masseur is turning his attention instead to what Fox has stashed in his jockstrap. At which point – as if by magic – Fox’s back problems are quickly forgotten and the whole escapade takes on a much more carnal aspect.

Still, what else would you fuckin’ expect from these two over-sexed cuties? It goes without saying, of course, that the removal of Fox’s pants – and the revelation of the lad’s hairless groin – signals the start of a sensuous session of dick-crazed fellatio, with both boys exchanging slurps on each other’s cocks; before Prince cajoles Fox onto the floor and rims his mate’s tight little pucker for all that it’s worth in anticipation of the red-raw fucking that he’s now clearly got planned. And Fox doesn’t have to wait long for the plan to become hard reality!

Before the fellow seems to know it, his ass is playing host to every swollen inch of Prince’s knob – something that he enjoys so much that it’s no time at all before he’s sat on his pal’s dick and riding it like a bitch on heat! Little wonder that the guy is soon on the brink of ecstasy, jerking out a heavy wad of jizz. But it’s the sight of Prince squirting over Fox’s face that serves as the ultimate boon!

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Please don't publish scenes in which the models obviously don't enjoy what they are doing, are un-motivated, un-excited, and un-erect, and are really just barely delivering the minimum perceivable performance. A turn-off :(

Disappointed_viewer, 19/September/2013

It seems my previous commeny was deleted .... I you ask our comment you have to accept the good and the bad ones. I don't see " a massage " in this scene, only a little faint rubbing. If Staxus want to make a real massage scene tell the models to use lots of oil and let them performe in a real massage scene !

noelweets, 19/September/2013

Noelweets : No one has deleted your comment. You made it on the photos and if you check its still there.

Michael - Staxus, 20/September/2013

Nice cumshot in Jaden´s face. Love to see a 3 some with Jaden, Daniel and Rhys.

teenlove 69, 26/September/2013

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