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Horny Cross-Country Runners Stop Off For A Hot Flip-Flop Fuck In The Open! HD

3.7/5 (Total votes: 16)
Added: 26/September/2013
Duration: 17 minutes, 30 seconds
Comments: 25


As pretty much everyone knows, regular exercise can help reduce stress and increase life-expectancy, so it’s arguably in their own self-interest that Blake Hanson and Lewis Taylor take the time to enjoy a run together in the local woods. Of course, even the briefest of glances at this pair of handsome dudes should be enough to suggest that they probably get more than enough aerobic activity when they’re alone together in the bedroom, but when you’re this young and this horny the urge for sex can take you whenever and wherever and you simply have to go with the flow.

That’s certainly the attitude that these two beauties adopt as they quickly disembark from their clothes in broad daylight and begin to feast on each other’s dicks. It’s almost as if they don’t care who might stumble upon them so long as they get their share of raw sex; and before you know it Taylor is being taken from behind courtesy of Blake’s meaty, uncut love-rod. Not wanting to miss out, Blake is soon on the receiving end of an equally demonstrative fucking, riding his mate’s knob with unquestionable gusto and totally without shame.

No doubt about it, these are two of the most brazen cock-fiends you’re ever likely to see; and by the time they’re both taking turns to unload generous wads of jizz over each other there’s every good chance that you’ll have ruptured an equally fine squirt of ball-batter in appreciation. Sex in the open has rarely looked so totally uninhibited as between these raw fuckers!

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Yeah, Blake is just a terrific stud! :-)

outdoor_lover, 27/September/2013

Blake and Lewis : enjoyed this moment of sex in outdoor. And Lewis was very good. He wanted more and more ... About Blake, I have seen much better of him

Vaclav, 29/September/2013

Great scene! Can't get enough of Blake... you really need to give him the opportunity to shoot many more scenes with you! What a perfect fucker :-))) Didn't know he was versatile though, interesting to see the two changing roles. I liked that, too, but somehow to me Lewis seems to be the born bottom... and Blake the natural top stud :)

Nympho_Maniac, 29/September/2013

Respect to the models for their performance under that circumstances. But I hope Lewis will look into the cam or at his scene partner in future scenes.

Steven, 29/September/2013

It can't be easy doing this outside, I like Lewis and think he has potential for the future. I did not think that Blake was at his best, but it may be the outside conditions. Enjoyable though.

keith, 30/September/2013

Best shoot on the site with the two most stunning Brit lads. Would have much preferred inside, but overall fantastic.

Trev, 09/January/2014

Blake is deffo the natural top and Lewis seems more bottom. But Blake can be quite a good slut too and knows how to take big knobs up his bum. Very hot scene here.

Ah, 28/February/2014

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