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Muscular, Tattooed Hunk Gives Two Dirty Bitches A Hard Taste Of Bad-Boy Sex! HD

3.0/5 (Total votes: 11)
Added: 28/September/2013
Duration: 24 minutes, 43 seconds
Comments: 25


If there’s something that muscled hunk, Luanda Sacez, loves more than anything else in the whole world it’s getting the undivided attention of some horny, young, cock-crazy twink. So the arrival of two such pert beauties at his flat in the form of David Hanson and Daniel Prince – and with it the prospect of him doubling the said pleasure – is something that immediately throws the stud into overdrive.

Fact is he can’t wait to get this pair of dick-savvy beauties working on his bell-end, and before you know it they’re down on their knees sucking the life out of the fellow’s hard, aching knob for all they’re worth! There’s no doubt in our minds that the sight of these hyped-up cherubs giving head with such unrefined gusto is almost certainly gonna get you churned up and gagging for more – but don’t get carried away too soon! There’s still plenty more excitement to savour, as Sacez signals his satisfaction by pushing Prince forwards and thrusting his ass-splitting dick right into the boy’s fuck-hole; before then taking a swipe at Hanson’s pucker with equal ball-bustin’ fury.

No question about it, this is an arrogant, cocksure performance from the hunk, made all the more intense by the way he lights up a cigarette mid-fuck and proceeds to puff away whilst banging furiously at the lads’ asses! This guy is a mean, obscene, fucking-machine, and by the time he’s spewed all over their faces you’re just gonna love him! Sex with a bad-boy rarely looked so delicious!

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J'ose espérer que mon message qui va être très critique sera diffusé. Je suis au regret de vous informer que STAXUS n'a publié aucune bonne scène depuis celle avec Brad FITT et Rick NIELSEN le 10 septembre dernier. Toutes vos scènes qui ont reçu dernièrement la note de cinq étoiles ont toutes été réalisées par Monsieur JOHN SMITH que je considère comme le meilleur réalisateur de films pornos gays à l'heure actuelle. Ce n'est hélas pas le cas des autres réalisateurs de STAXUS qui nous proposent des vidéos sans aucun gros plan sur les séquences de pénétration (ce qui est la base du porno gay ou hétéro). Cela fait trente ans que je visionne régulièrement du porno gay et pense être suffisamment connaisseur pour me permettre d'effectuer de telles remarques.

PASCALOUX, 28/September/2013

@Staxus guys: I've just read the comment by Pascaloux. Not sure if you speak French, but if not there's always Google translate... You know I am a big fan of Staxus, actually I have been for a very long time since Vlado Iresch times - or should I call it era. And you also know I usually leave very positive comments and critique. However I must say I have some sympathy, and some agreement as well, for Pascaloux's statement. Me too, I am a bit disappointed lately. Not only has the output been slashed down from daily to approx. one scene every two days, which would be acceptable if your announcement "quality over quantity" held true. However, recently a lot of the published scenes are far below Staxus standards, in fact any professional gay porn standards. This one here is just another example - the "muscle top" in fact doesn't have any visible muscles, and is just a bit overweight instead. The action, I'd say, is not exactly a shining example of what you could make of a 3some opportunity. A lot of the bad scenes were by Joe Budai, and apparently you've already drawn the conclusion not to continue working with him. While I don't enjoy saying things that get personal, nevertheless I must agree with Pascaloux that there is a certain imbalance between John and Michael regarding the average, or minimum, quality of published scenes. It's absolutely true that Michael has also delivered a lot of really great and exciting work, but recently we see more mediocre scenes more recently - more so from him, less so from John. I don't know whether it's due to economic difficulties and budget restrictions, to the models you have available (don't really think so, there are many hot ones in UK too), the climate ;-) or the gay vs. straight issue.... honestly I have no idea why, but unfortunately it's really my impression, too, that Staxus' output has been very mixed lately. Hope this will improve again... and wish you all the success and good luck for it! Sorry to be lengthy and pretty critical here, but I thought Pascaloux is right and I wanted to give you an indication he's not the only one - and decided to place this here rather than in the forum, because then at least only paying customers can read it, rather than potential customers being scared away from buying a membership (don't wonna harm you). [not sure whether the models have access to this site but I suppose so]

Nympho_Maniac, 29/September/2013

I enjoyed it. But I mainly wanted to mention that the size of the muscle top in this video being mistaken for "fat" is because he's clearly bulking up as a bodybuilder. Anyone who knows anything about bodybuilding knows that pro's go through periods of gaining mass and size like this, before then hitting the gym and ripping up, turning it to solid muscle. That is what I guess he is doing. It is muscle, it's just before he's started on his cycle of turning it into solid mass. Wait until you see him back again on video in a few weeks and you'll probably see him far more defined and ripped.

Tommy, 29/September/2013

Nothing against a muscle top dominating some twinks liking it. But besides Daniels efforts I find neither the bulky top nor the twinks convincing at enjoying the action.

Steven, 29/September/2013

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