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Young Blond Twink Gets A Hard, Open-Air Fucking & Hot, Sticky Facial! HD

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Added: 30/September/2013
Duration: 20 minutes, 14 seconds
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Muscleman James Jordan heads for the woods with his favourite blond twink, Gold Star, armed with little more than a blanket – but believe us, neither of these fellows have any intention of bedding down for a picnic. No, their hunger is most definitely of a much more carnal nature, as immediately becomes apparent when the horny stud strips off his vest and exposes the fine physique that (up until this point at least) he’s been keeping under wraps.

Needless to say, Gold Star’s totally overawed by all the exposed bulk on offer, and responds by falling to his knees and giving the meaty, shaved shaft between his older pal’s thighs the kind of eager, open-mouthed attention that has all the trademarks of a would-be super-slut. Indeed, there’s simply no denying the fevered attention that Jordan’s dick gets courtesy of Gold Star’s mouth, as the youngster slurps on the hard ramrod on offer before allowing his older mate to quite literally face-fuck him! Don’t imagine for one moment, however, that a fellow of Jordan’s temperament is ever going to be satisfied with oral.

No, he’s not going to be happy until he’s balls-deep inside Gold Star, banging the hell out of the boy’s sore, but very contented ass-hole. And so it proves, with the youngster left quite literally crying out for relief as the hunk gives him the stretching of a lifetime. It’s left only for Jordan to call it a wrap by jerking off all over his mate’s face, plastering Gold Star in hot jizz in the process for your enjoyment!