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Dick & Tom Double-Fuck Brit-Boy Connor Levi & Then Jizz All Over His Face! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 25)
Added: 06/October/2013
Duration: 21 minutes, 31 seconds
Comments: 25


Has there ever been a hornier slut than Brit-boy Connor Levi? That may well be the question that you’re asking yourself at the end of this truly superb threeway with Czech beauties, Dick Casey and Tom Crua. Of course, it’s really no great wonder that Levi is so hyped up given the quality of cock that he’s got to play with in this scene. Casey is as fucking gorgeous as ever; whilst new-boy Crua is a cropped haired, tattooed hunk that would send any dick-crazed twink into overdrive.

Suffice it to say that it isn’t very long before Levi is surrendering his ass – first to Crua’s thick, meaty, raw shaft, and then to Casey’s equally impressive member, which he rides cowboy-style whilst tea-bagging Crua like an over-sexed whore. Indeed, the blond lad’s lust for dick is so enthralling that his fellow screen-stars can do little but replicate the kid’s enthusiasm, ultimately culminating in them squeezing their oversized ramrods deep inside Levi’s fuck-hole simultaneously.

By this point Levi himself has already spewed the contents of his nads all over the floor, but that appears to do little to dampen his ardour. Indeed if anything the guy is as turned on as ever, writhing on all the excess of cock-meat with such ease that you’d almost think he was born for this one singular moment! And just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any hotter, the whole escapade is topped off by Crua and Casey producing two of the finest cumshots you’re ever likely to see. Leaving Levi’s face splattered with jizz, and providing you with the easiest excuse for a wank you’ll ever be given!

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Connor is just such a hot slut! Taking two hard dicks as if it were nothing... :-) And great cum shots... particularly by Dick Casey! Great scene, makes it into my favorites. Who's the second top?

Nympho_Maniac, 06/October/2013

I got an email from Staxus Tommy. And this one of the best scenes EVER. Dick Casey is one of my favorits and in my top 10 he is Number 1. The double bareback penetration a great and horny part of this perfect scene. MORE OF THIS !!! New Scene on Staxus: Dick & Tom DP cumhungry Brit Connor and jizz in his face! HD by Staxus - Tommy What can I really say about this gay DP video on the Staxus site other than WOW!? You saw some of the pics of this new arrival on the site yesterday, and ever since the video arrived it's been getting repeated plays by plenty of the members, being given a full five stars and making it onto the faves lists of many of the fans too. The gay DP video are always popular, but when you have a threesome like this one with Connor Levi being the one to take all that cock, it's bound to get plenty of attention. I still don't know anything about the gorgeous new muscled boy known only as Tom, but he does look truly hot alongside Dick Casey in this one. They're a perfect team of tops for greedy Connor in the middle, and he certainly takes a thorough fucking from both of them. I've watched this a couple of times now, and I am very impressed with Tom especially. It might be because he's the new guy, but he certainly knows how to bareback fuck a tight little ass, and he really likes to get a little rough too! Dick Casey is known for delivering some great cum shots and he does again in this one, but after all that gay DP fucking new guy Tom shows his skills at squirting cum too, pumping out a leaping load that splashes across Connor's face. I cannot wait to see - and find out - more about this gorgeous muscled top!

noelweets, 06/October/2013

Une excellente scène avec un CONNOR magnifique. Depuis le 1er octobre, les quatre scènes qui ont été publiées sont très bonnes et à mille lieues des séquences médiocres du 11 au 30 septembre dernier. On retrouve le meilleur de STAXUS qui est le meilleur site du WEB quand il propose des vidéos de cette qualité.

PASCALOUX, 06/October/2013

thanks guys i do try to enjoy all the cock given to me :D bring on my next maybe triple encounter :P x

connor levi, 07/October/2013

wow 2 brilliant cum's and connor takes it all 2 cocks

zaharakid, 21/November/2013

They should have cum in the boycunt - would have made it absolutely phantastic

byck69, 12/December/2013

Damn! I nearly missed this -perfect- scene... What could be more perfect than matching hunks Dick Casey and Tom Crua with supercute (hung) twink Connor Levi?? Possibly my favourite Staxus video! Next time throw in Chase for a TP... Hot as hell!

existenz, 28/July/2014

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