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Army Officer, Sven Laarson, Gets A Proper Milking From Horny Farmhand, Xander Hollis! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 29)
Added: 22/October/2013
Duration: 22 minutes, 53 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s a belief in some quarters that country boys are somehow naive and not adept at the ways of the world, but that sure as fuck doesn’t come across here when farmhand, Xander Hollis, encounters army officer, Sven Laarson, in the stables. The reality is that the young dark-headed lad appears to know exactly what he wants from the fellow in uniform, and it’s no time at all before he’s got his dick out and pushing it down Laarson’s throat.

That, however, is but a little appetiser to his real intentions, and, having worked the soldier into a sense of high expectation, he’s soon returning the compliment big style. Fact is that this is a boy who clearly loves cock and who will stop at nothing to enjoy every aspect of pleasure that all that hard flesh can provide him; so, having feasted on Laarson’s dick big style and rimmed his ass, it’s little wonder that he’s soon puckering himself up for the fucking of a lifetime. Why, this boy can’t wait to get the visitor’s ramrod up his ass, and before you know it he’s riding every inch of that monster like a total whore.

Cowboy-style, from behind, missionary ... this guy doesn’t care so long as the dick in question is pounding away at his fuck-hole like there’s no hope of tomorrow! No surprise that his own knob is soon squirting a generous spray of jizz in appreciation; before Laarson wraps the action up by blasting Hollis’s cute little face in return. Kinky, hot, sweaty – this scene grabs you by the balls and doesn’t let go till you’ve blown every last drop!

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cannot veiw your videos end

Michael borchers, 22/October/2013

Pity you can't see the end of this video Michael borchers. I can watch the complete video. At the end of the scene Sven Laarson shoot his cum load in Xander Hollis his mouth and it ends with a cum swap kiss. This is my opinion: The scenes on Staxus getting better and better with long rimming, cum eating and BB fucking. This is a very horny scene, i can watch it over and over again. My score for both models = 5/5 and for the scene also 5/5 MORE OF THIS STAXUS !!!!!!!

noelweets, 22/October/2013

I was a little distracted by the horses. I thought they were going to nibble Xander! I found it a pretty good scene but I think the reverse cowboy position was used too much in this scene as was the ass-to-mouth sucking. Why not alternated the reverse cowboy position with the normal cowboy position? Sven's cumshot was outstanding. Really like this versatile guy.

Dutch Dude, 23/October/2013

Une nouvelle scène grandiose signée Monsieur John SMITH que je considère comme le meilleur réalisateur du porno gay actuellement et de très loin. Tout y est : pornographie de très haut niveau, deux minets adorables et qualité de l'image exceptionnelle. Monsieur SMITH, je vous adresse mes félicitations et même mes congratulations pour l'excellence de votre travail.

PASCALOUX, 23/October/2013

Great scene with hot kissing and tongue action, more of that please!

Staxusfan, 25/October/2013

This awesome match between Sven and Xander must have been made in twin heaven! I loved the close-ups. The oral was out-of-this-world...not to mention the Sven's finale!! I, personally, think that really awesome porn is about great (facial) ejaculation and rimming/fingering...

existenz (in Canada), 28/January/2014

The Tat is ridiculous. he would be so cute without it. Most of the Tats on the boys are disguising.

bobby, 04/July/2014

once again, Sven steals my lust. Xander Hollis is adorable tattoo or not. ❤dr

dr24, 04/August/2014

Xander is really cute here - lovely hairstyle. Some fantastic cocksucking at the end - good spurt of jizz from Sven and lovely sucking completely dry by that delicious cum slut!

Coco, 20/July/2017

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