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Darius Is At Risk Of Getting Kicked Off The Team & Has to Fuck His Way Out Of Trouble! HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 17)
Added: 26/October/2013
Duration: 27 minutes, 22 seconds
Comments: 25


We have absolutely no idea whether professional football players have to prove themselves to the boss in the same way as Darius Ferdynand has to prove himself to head-coach, Connor Levi, in this scene – but given how hot a fantasy it is, we sure as fuck so! For Ferdynand is clearly not performing on the pitch, and as such is given one last chance by Levi to keep his place at the club – the signal for the young player to get down onto his knees and to give Levi’s rock-hard dick a serious oral workout.

It’s clearly not an ethical move in any sense whatsoever, but that doesn’t seem to bother either of these two fellows, and we’ve a sneaking suspicion it won’t bother you bunch of horny fuckers either! Indeed, having given head to his boss so superbly, the dark-headed Ferdynand is soon enjoying some keenly open-mouthed attention from his manager in return; before Levi proceeds to push the lad down onto his desk so that he can rigorously rim the fellow’s hungry little ass-hole. A few moments later and the boss is fucking Ferdynand’s pucker for all that it’s worth – an arguably unusual move given the Levi is so often acts as the bottom in his scenes.

Any confusion is quickly dismissed, however, when the roles are then promptly reversed; with Ferdynand taking the opportunity to pound Levi’s ass-hole at full pelt. No great wonder that the young blond boy is soon climaxing in response; before his charge jerks himself off across his face, leaving Levi coated in a fine spray of top-quality man-juice. Ferdynand’s place on the team is surely totally assured!

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What a boring and non exciting scene! What a pity!

JAGarcia, 26/October/2013

O.M.G. Darius Ferdynand, what a gorgeous muscled body and what a cute & sexy ass. YUMMY !!!

noelweets, 27/October/2013

I do not want to be a Michael Burling basher because there is enough toxicity on the internet in its infinite variety anyway. But I have seen Mr. Burling's work elsewhere and I have found it totally wanting. Porn should be exciting, thrilling and well-filmed. Burling's sets are often drab and his models seem un-inspired and he has a knack for not getting close-ups of the sexual action even if the models' interest and intensity in sucking and fucking suddenly heat -up. Let me make a case in point. I purchased a few of Burling's works under another label which features big-dicked twinks and one in particular who is one of my all-time favorites--Luke Desmond. I was excited by the dvd covers featuring big-dicked lads ready for hot action. When I watched the dvd's I almost fell asleep as the action never really heated up, the models had sex by the numbers and I hardly ever noticed any close-ups of dicks penetrating tight asses. Does this sound familiar??? Luke Desmond who I've followed under other directors like Simon Booth and Blake Mason always gives a fantastic performance. But not so much under Burling as his performances somehow seemed a bit restrained. If I were Michael I'd study the work of the classic directors like Cadinot, Kristen Bjorn, John Rutherford at Falcon, Chi Chi LaRue and Staxus's own great legend Vlado Iresch. Mr. Burling you do not have to change your style because diversity is welcome but just make better videos and remember a few simple facts--viewers watch xxx porn to see close-ups of the action, that sex should be exciting and the viewer should be left wanting more of it. I do realize that not every scene is going to be a virtuoso but as a subscriber I do have the right to expect a well-lit, well-filmed and somewhat energetic gay xxx scene. With all due respect!

Marko, 27/October/2013

Je partage l'avis de MARKO sur les scènes réalisées par Michael BURLING qui sont souvent très moyennes au plan pornographique. Scènes tournées dans des pièces mal éclairées et absences de gros plans sur les séquences de pénétration(ce qui est la base même du porno gay ou hétéro). Cependant, le travail de Monsieur BURLING doit être respecté mais aussi amélioré. Je conseille donc vivement à Monsieur BURLING et à ses collaborateurs d'aller faire un stage chez John SMITH qui produit pour STAXUS les meilleures vidéos gays actuellement.

PASCALOUX, 27/October/2013

Sorry you didn't like it guys I hope you can enjoy the rest of the work staxus provides for you guys x

Connor Levi, 27/October/2013

Well this is now getting a solid 4.1 and its condom so we know many members automatically down rate SS scenes. I loved this pairing Conner and Darius had great chemistry and good to see it was a flip fuck with Conner topping first! The scene was high energy and well lit despite what some commented. And this issue of bashing Michael (and sometimes John) for the lack of extreme closeups frosts me to no end. This is not 1999 what are they watching their porn on a 15 inch crt monitor? When you have a 1080 scene on a 30/40/50 or even 70 inch monitor who wants to see a 5 foot cock? Or a sphincter larger than the one in Return of the Jedi? Seriously shooting style in porn must adapt to the changing monitor and video size we use today. I am all for medium shots only since I love to see facial reactions and the whole body. Who Wants to see nothing but extreme closeups which of course defines all of the most wretched porn any of us have ever watched. Of course my opinion is no more valid than anyone else who views porn. What turns us on what we all want to see is incredibly subjective. What I find interesting is Markos list of classic directors you do realize "Cadinot, Kristen Bjorn, John Rutherford at Falcon, Chi Chi LaRue and Staxus's own great legend Vlado Iresch" all have (or had) very divergent shooting styles. IMHO Cadinot is a master, Kristen Bjorn is a genius,John Ruthoford is one of the best American Directors. As for ChiChi Larue everything post 2005 is a pale imitation of the 90's La Rue. As for Vlado Iresch I found the vast majority of his work to be wretched and was the reason I disliked so much Czech porn for so long. Add his editing with a meat cleaver and closeups to a nauseating extent I feel Vlado is vastly overrated. Don't get me started on Vlado I

DeWayne in SD, 30/October/2013

Guys, Im happy to discuss my scenes on the forum. I dont think this is the right place to give my point of view. Michael

Michael - Staxus, 01/November/2013

that connor realy can do a blowjob awesome

zaharakid, 20/November/2013

Conner, Bro, I love what you do! You are so hot! Don't worry about the haters! I luv ya!

mwhisky, 14/February/2015

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