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Big-Dicked Soccer Stud Gives His Team-Mate A Nine-Inch Hard Workout After The Game! HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 13)
Added: 07/November/2013
Duration: 22 minutes
Comments: 25


Let’s face it folks. If you were stood in the showers with Paul Walker after a hard game out on the pitch, how could you possibly fail to be bowled over by the equipment that he has stashed between his thighs? Believe us, that ramrod could quite literally have one of your eyes out if handled incorrectly! Fortunately for everyone concerned, we’ve definitely got an expert on the case here in the form of Jace Tyler, who appears to know exactly what to do with a dick that size and who will go to any length (excuse the pun!) to ensure that its owner is kept primed and (above all) happy!

It’s no feckin’ wonder, therefore, that Tyler is soon down on his knees giving all that engorged meat the kind of oral adulation that it almost unquestionably deserves. What’s more, it’s a move that a man’s man like Walker clearly appreciates. So much so that it’s barely any time at all before he’s giving Tyler some much-needed attention, pushing his over-sized phallus down the lad’s throat before aiming it in the direction of Tyler’s hungry little ass. How do we know it’s hungry? Well, judging from the manner with which it consumes every fat inch of Walker’s knob what other conclusion could anyone possibly draw?

This is a fellow who’s quite painfully gagging for a hard-hitting fuck, and soon Tyler is being banged around the locker-room like the common whore he so evidently is. A conclusion that’s underlined by the manner with which he allows Walker to squirt a breathtaking wad of jizz over his face! If this sporting escapade doesn’t get you nutting big time then what the fuck will?!

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Paul Walker here ? what an enjoyable surprise ! And Jace Tyler what another gorgeous surprise too. When two models enjoy what they do we can only give our applause ! Even the director is happy... Great work guys ! Paul is great but, Michael, don't forget to bring us Jayce again ;)

Vaclav, 07/November/2013

What a blast seeing Paul Walker on Staxus!! He is such a great performer and hope to see him here often!!

Dan, 07/November/2013

Je ne partage pas l'avis des deux précédents clients sur cette scène jugée moyenne au plan purement porno (il n'y a pas assez de gros plans sur les pénétrations). Je suis en permanence abonné sur trois sites qui ont tous des points forts mais aussi des points faibles. Le point fort de STAXUS sont la full HD et les scènes sensationnelles tournées par John SMITH. Le point faible de STAXUS et sans vouloir offenser personne sont les réalisations insuffisantes de MB.

PASCALOUX, 07/November/2013

A great and good surprise to see Paul here !! Unfortunately the quality of images is under average .. In this film and the two previous of sportladz, i m not sure it's a good idea to film the scene in a room with white walls , the result is too much light and the color of actor's skin is too much pink . What a pity... And once more i agree with Pascaloux concerning the georgous work of John Smith and the very disappointing films of Michael Burning , Sorry for him...

PISSLOLO, 07/November/2013

What great bodies!

JAGarcia, 30/November/2013

What a great athletic body Jace Tyler has. I'm glad to see not all British models are skinny.

JAGarcia, 02/December/2013

When will the Staxus Forum will work again ?

noelweets, 11/January/2014

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