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Connor Levi’s Oily Massage Results In A Greased-Up Fuck-Fest With A Gorgeous Muscle-Hunk! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 31)
Added: 17/November/2013
Duration: 27 minutes, 49 seconds
Comments: 25


As well as being one of the sexiest studs on the planet, Ennio Guardi is also one of the hottest masseurs around – as blond Brit-boy, Connor Levi, discovers when he calls on the fellow’s services in this terrific, oil-drenched escapade. To be fair, Guardi’s glorious physique is such that he doesn’t need to possess any such massaging skills – in fact, Levi is pretty much putty in his hands right from the very moment that he walks through the door.

But credit where credit is due, as the Czech hunk starts by working every inch of his client’s flesh and almost brings Levi to a premature boil without so much as a hint of penetration! Not that it’s all that long before the horny English lad is allowing Guardi to give his mouth a good workout, slurping on that Slavic ramrod with typical STAXUS gusto – by which point the oil is most definitely flowing without the merest hint of restraint! As such, the foreplay that ensues is a decidedly greased affair, with naked flesh slipping and sliding sensuously against naked flesh, and it comes as no surprise that Guardi’s thick, meaty dick ultimately slips into Levi’s ass with only a modicum of resistance.

Moments later and the over-excited top is quite literally up to his balls in rump, Levi clearly savouring every swollen inch of premium cock in the process. What follows is a magical display of man-to-man fornication, with Guardi banging away at his client’s hungry fuck-hole in a succession of positions before both guys spew furiously in appreciation. In short, a deliriously wet adventure courtesy of two of the dirtiest fuckers on the circuit!

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A few months ago i sent a request to Staxus asking they would make scene where the models use a lot of massage oil. And look, my fantasy came true. THANKS STAXUS !!! The shiny greasy oiled bodies are so sensual. Connor Levi and Ennio Guardi did a perfect scene. Congratulations to all who worked to make this scene. My rating 5/5 and into my favorite scenes. MORE OF THIS !!!

noelweets, 17/November/2013

Congratulations this was top rate and very sensual, more of the same please. Lets see Brad Fitt get some of the same treatment as well.

jack, 17/November/2013

I agree with jack. A scene whit Brad Fitt in a scene with lots of oil would be THE MAX !!!

noelweets, 17/November/2013

I agree with what others have said, I love scenes like this with guys getting all oiled up and this was a real highlight. I would really love to see some edging videos in this theme too, just with muscled guys like Ennio being wanked and sucked to a huge cum load!

Tommy, 17/November/2013

Keep on asking for more scenes like this with lots of oil guys.

noelweets, 17/November/2013

not staxus' best work.

matou, 18/November/2013

I was full of flu in this scene but I had fun :) your opinions noted ! :)

Connor Levi, 18/November/2013

It doesn't show you had the flu in this scene Connor. It's one of the best scenes on Staxus ever !!! Thanks for accepting my friend request on Facebook.

noelweets, 18/November/2013

two of the best brilliant

zaharakid, 20/November/2013

The highlight for me is the oily foot massage of Ennio's pecs and dick by a very turned on Connor Levi! We foot fans love this kind of moment! I think Connors frenzied state later on when riding Guardi's rock hard cock might have been fever induced? well it was still VERY Hot Mr Levi!

DeWayne in SD, 21/November/2013

It's true, this is a very good scene. The oil on these hot bodies makes it hoottt... Ennios muscle-body is hotter than ever! Please show more with him.

Chris99, 30/December/2013

I bought the download of the FULL movie "Twink Massage Dreams" with Connor Levi and Ennio Guardi and many other hot oiled hunks. This is one of my favorite scenes ever. And like Chris99 said, Ennio his tanned muscled bodie is heavenly. He has a BIG monster cock and a tasty ass. MORE WITH ENNIO GUARDI PLEASE !!!

noelweets, 09/January/2014

vBulletin Message Sorry, the forum is unavailable at the moment while we are implementing some changes. This may take a few days but meanwhile feel free to use the comments system inside When will the forum will be available again ???

noelweets, 11/January/2014

pls status make more ENNIO GUARDI video and pic,i join it because all of him~ thanks

berry law, 20/January/2014

Ridiculous fucking hot. Fuck! I love nice, toned smooth bodies well manscaped. Nothing worse than seeing some hairy asshole get plowed. Good scene!

Robert, 07/May/2014

Great scene !! 2 hot guys different in their own way but obvious they were into each other and no acting required which makes it even hotter and sexier. Great stuff more like this please !!!

shaggerboi, 06/March/2017

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