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Oscar Roberts Gets Double-Fucked & Fisted Before His Mates Whitewash His Ass-Hole! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 34)
Added: 19/November/2013
Duration: 24 minutes, 52 seconds
Comments: 25


Benjamin Dunn, Oscar Roberts and Adrian Smallwood can’t think of any greater fun than shaking their booties to some crazy dance music – well, apart from fucking each other senseless, that is! Which no doubt explains the progression of events in this stupendous scene, as the three would-be disco-divas abandon their footloose antics in favour of some good old-fashioned, primeval cock-worship. And with three dicks like this on display there’s plenty of rampant male flesh for everyone to enjoy!

For some young lads, however, sucking dick is never quite gonna be enough; and whilst Dunn and Smallwood consume every knob on offer with their ever-greedy mouths, it’s no time at all before Roberts is parting his ass-cheeks and inviting his mates to give his hungry little pucker the banging of a lifetime. An invitation that his compatriots are not in the nature of turning down! What’s more, young Roberts is evidentally in the mood for something a little more intense than just a simple fuck from his mates. He wants both lads at the same time, and it’s not long before the two tops are helping make all his wishes come true.

Still not content, the fellow then receives a stupendous fisting that stretches his ass-hole even further – if indeed that’s possible! By the time that Dunn and Smallwood spew their balls all over the guy’s over-worked rump there’s every chance that this boy’s antics will have left you totally exhausted and completely drained! In short, satisfaction guaranteed!

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I'm deeply speechless with Oscar Roberts. Benjamin and Adrian did have a good time with him, but because of Oscar, for sure the best in this scene. His stamina and his emotion are perfectly notorious in this 3way. I'm in heaven ;)

Vaclav, 19/November/2013

Undoubtably the best I have seen of Oscar Roberts so far on Staxus.

keith, 19/November/2013

Une nouvelle scène exceptionnelle. Félicitations pour cette réalisation qui frôle la perfection.

PASCALOUX, 19/November/2013

Oscar is certainly becoming an extremely hot performer! I love this threeway, it's a great mix of hot young men that seem perfectly suited to each other. Well done Staxus!

Tommy, 19/November/2013

What a hot and horny BB 3-way !!!

noelweets, 19/November/2013

The scenes on Staxus are THE BEST !!! I can't wait to see the new scene Big chunk of dark Cuban meat !!!

noelweets, 19/November/2013

Thank you so much guys! I think this is by far the best scene I've ever done to date! :)

Oscar Roberts, 19/November/2013

mmmmmmm gorgeous guys having a hot threesome,i wish there was some rimming…

Max, 19/November/2013

Luv 3ways and all 3 deserve good hard fucking and sucking cock that has been dipped in a hot hole.

2hornynipples, 20/November/2013

A hottie wearing a Team Canada jock sure warmed up this cold Canadian!

Canadianboy, 20/November/2013

Can anyone tell me where online i am able to buy a "Team Canada" jockstrap like in the video? very hot

Bandoee, 21/November/2013

These Videos are true Prayers, true religious Rites. Delicious, powerful and sweet. Pure sacred Masculinity ! True Worship to see WITH DEVOTION. SUPERB, NOBLE MALE HOMOSEXUALITY !!!!!!!!!

PaoloRome, 22/February/2015

i joke

PaoloRome, 22/February/2015

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