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Flip-Flop Fuckers Enjoy Rimming & Fisting Before Dumping Their Loads! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 24)
Added: 27/November/2013
Duration: 19 minutes, 38 seconds
Comments: 25


One might almost be forgiven for thinking that new boy, Peter Nover, was a total innocent, but (let’s be perfectly honest now) those kinky black pants that he and Will Sims are wearing at the start of this delightfully spunktastic episode suggest that he’s anything but. Indeed, what doubts we have about this fellow’s history are quickly dispelled when he’s presented with Sims’s dick, which he immediately gets to work on with those lusciously thick lips of his.

No question about it, this lad’s nowhere near as prim and proper as he’d like you to think – something that will come as a great relief to all you dirty-minded fuckers out there! Besides, what vestige of innocence that’s still left in the lad is never destined to survive an encounter with a character such as Sims, who’s rarely if ever reticent when it comes to making his mark on a newbie. As such, it’s no time at all before Sims is fervently rimming Nover’s hungry little pucker, lapping at the hole in preparation for the hardcore, rubber-free fucking to come.

What’s more, Nover’s soon taking every inch of his new buddy’s ramrod like a pro, settling in a series of positions to enjoy every last second of pleasure that Sims can provide. As if not to be outdone, however, it’s not long before the roles have been reversed, with Nover taking the opportunity to first fist and then screw Sims’s ass for all that it’s worth. It’s a kinky turnaround that’s sure to get you worked up almost as much as the two guys themselves, who both proceed to knock out generous wads of jizz in the process to mark a very satisfied wrap!

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I really like this scene. Loaded with great action and a surprise to see the guy on top for the fucking be the one who takes a near-fist up the ass (I don't think it counts as fisting if it's not in at least up to the wrist). And very nicely lit and photographed. Well done!

Mitch_MN, 27/November/2013

What a damn mighty scene !!! This scene contains all the ingredients for horny sex. 5/5 for the sexy black underwear 5/5 for kissing 5/5 for sucking 5/5 for rimming 5/5 for fingering 5/5 for fisting 5/5 for fucking 5/5 for Will Sims 5/5 for Peter Nover 5/5 for the entire scene and the whole crew

noelweets, 27/November/2013

Une très grande scène. Félicitations

PASCALOUX, 27/November/2013

what's all the black stuff on the floor in front of the sofa?

Stuart_B, 28/November/2013

I don't agree with Mitch_MN. I like this gentle soft fisting with bare hands. I saw real deep fisting on another porn site with tons of lube and fisting up to the elbow and it was disgusting. The new scene Rim, ride and open wide is a great scene too.

noelweets, 01/December/2013

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