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Two Kinky Dick-Crazed Fuck-Buddies Choose to Rim, Ride & Open Wide! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 37)
Added: 01/December/2013
Duration: 23 minutes, 30 seconds
Comments: 25


They’ve got a collection of sex toys at their disposal, but Sven Laarson and Mike Cage are already so hot at the start of this superb escapade that they don’t need any assistance when it comes to enjoying hot, dirty sex. Given the quality of both these fellows, however, would we honestly expect anything different? Both these beauties simply ooze desirability, and who in their right mind would ever kick either of them into touch?

So it’s really no surprise when they turn on each other and begin to eagerly suck on all that terrific dick that’s on offer – all culminating in a terrific 69-ing session that could seriously get you off right there and then given the chance. The very fact that they simultaneously rim each other’s asses is totally ball-blowing in itself; but things only get even more intense when Cage finally succumbs to the ultimate temptation and slips down onto his mate’s cock cowboy-style.

What ensues is enough to get even the most reserved of our fans into a delirious lather; and the temperature in the room only gets even hotter when Laarson decides to replace his dick with his fist, stretching Cage’s pucker to the max in the process. To his credit, Cage takes every clenched finger like a true pro, though Laarson’s decision to foot-fuck the fellow eventually proves to be the bottom’s undoing. A delicious spray of jizz not surprisingly results; immediately coupled by Laarson dumping his own wad all over his mate’s face to conclude this kinky, spirited, breathtaking performance!

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What a perfect horny scene !!! I love the 69 rimming. A great performance of Mike Cage and Sven Laarson. 5/5 rating and added to my favorite scenes

noelweets, 01/December/2013

Mike Cage is so handsome and I love his rock-hard big beautiful cock!

dennis, 01/December/2013

I just fucking love Mike. He is the most hottest pornstars of all of this site. Damn, he is 100% pure sex !

peter, 01/December/2013

Mike cage is so beautiful with a lovely workable hole. What I like best is that besides the tat on his hand which lets everyone know what a star he is, he is so clean-cut and wholesome looking in his Staxus films. Whenever you come across a boy with his sorts of talents in North American cities they seem to be part of a really sketchy scene or dress and groom in a rougher manner covered in tatoos and piercings with lots of facial hair.

Shawn, 01/December/2013

Wow! Doesn't get much better! Bravo to the actors, director, set designer, etc. That second cum shot is perfect fantasy material to jerk off to. "Thanks for the memories!" Happy Holidays, everyone.

Matou, 02/December/2013

Adding to the comment I just sent a few minutes ago. I just noticed Mike and I share the same birthdate (Nov 14). He just turned 21. (My number is much higher, alas!) Twenty-one, and a body like that. What can I say. If you read this, Mike: "Happy Birthday!" Thanks for the fantasies. And I wish you many good things, especially good health. And a long-term contract at Staxus.

Matou, 02/December/2013

Wonderful work here by both models and the whole crew. 5/5. I love a scene that starts all kissy/cuddly and then turns kinky. The fucking sequence was excellent, and my only disappointment was that the outstanding missionary portion didn't include an overhead shot; it would've been fantastic to see Sven holding Mike's ankles and towering over him for a bit with the camera overhead. Despite that, the coverage that WAS included was very pleasing. Near fisting and finger play was a highlight, and I'm sure the foot fetishists liked the toe fucking. Kudoes to the art design and lighting team as well for the colorful but subdued background, and also to wardrobe for those cute matching jockstraps. Big thanks to Mike for smiling as he got fucked and fingered -- I love it when an eager bottom shows he's having fun. Sven -- thanks for giving that asshole a taste; if you'd be so kind as to really get in there and lick with your whole wet tongue it would please me greatly, and I bet you'd like it too. Thanks, Staxus, for a real winner.

Mitch_MN, 03/December/2013

the Sperm and the Pentacle (Symbol of homosexual Spirituality) on the Hand of Mike: THE GAY PARADISE.

Paolo Monaco, 21/March/2017

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