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Two Horny Blonds Take The Chance To Suck, Fuck & Get Soaked In Hot Piss! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 28)
Added: 03/December/2013
Duration: 23 minutes, 59 seconds
Comments: 25


A multi-storey car-park in down-town Prague might not seem the most romantic location to find a hot date, but sometimes you just have to take full advantage of the things that happen in life when they happen. As Sven Laarson discovers when he gives Brad Fitt a lift to town in his car and unexpectedly encounters Adrian Smallwood in the process. Smallwood is actually busy trying to make some money by flogging some knocked-off mobile phones, but it’s clear from the off that Laarson’s interest is centred very much on the salesman rather than what he’s trying to sell.

Fortunately for all concerned, it doesn’t take more than a few words from the fellow to charm Smallwood into the vehicle; and even before poor Brad has reached the first shop the two ripped beauties are heading off to Laarson’s apartment for some intimate sales talk, which in this instance involves stripping off all their clothes, sucking each other’s cocks and rimming each other’s asses! It’s not exactly the kind of technique that they teach at sales school, surely, but it certainly works for these fuckin’ dudes that’s for sure; and it’s no time at all before Laarson is taking every fabulous inch that Smallwood can muster deep inside his rump!

It’s kinky, it’s hot, and it’s no wonder that Smallwood is soon spurting all over his new-found buddy’s hole. Eager to add to the excitement, the two blonds then eagerly round things off by pissing all over each other; leaving us to enjoy the sight of two very wet, very happy fuckers!

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Excellent scene - very hot. Thanks to all at Staxus for the Black Friday special one year membership offer - I gladly took advantage of it - it's nice to be back.

memesteve, 03/December/2013

A great scene with two fantastic guys , beautiful colors and very intelligently filmed . Congratulations to everybody . And a wet final , which is good news for those who like , as me , watersports scènes, as we used to see a couple of years ago in staxus films . Hope we could see others sometimes.

PISSLOLO, 03/December/2013

An extremely good horny scene again. A few months ago i sent a scene request to Staxus for a new scene with Watersports and here it is. Thanks Staxus. Adrian Smallwood & Sven Laarson did it perfect. Congratulations to the whole crew who made this great scene. 5/5 and in my favorite scenes.

noelweets, 03/December/2013

It would be great to see some more new scenes with WS !!!

noelweets, 03/December/2013

4-1/2 out of 5. I really enjoyed this. Both boys are adorable (tho Adrian's haircut is a little severe). Camera work, lighting, set design -- all superb. Loved watching Sven doing a little A2M as well as watching Sven's asshole open and close after getting splattered. Kissing and rimming were a bit perfunctory, but better than nothing. Plenty of mutual pissing as an epilogue.

Mitch_MN, 03/December/2013

Une grande scène excellemment filmée avec une qualité d'image exceptionnelle. Les deux modèles sont adorables et mignons comme un cœur et j'aime la coupe de cheveux de ADRIAN. En revanche et en admettant qu'il en faille pour tous les goûts, les grandes inondations à l'urine ne sont pas du tout mon truc et j'espère qu'il n'y en aura pas trop souvent.

PASCALOUX, 03/December/2013

Sven is a fantastic performer. He's...special. And Adrian is also building a solid position at Staxus. Enjoyed very much the action and also the cumshot part. Wasn't expecting the finale on this scene, but both guys did it great.

Vaclav, 04/December/2013

This was a brilliant video until the final, pissing over people,

zaharakid, 04/December/2013

Have to agree with zaharakid. Great scene until the final few minutes. I am afraid that pissing does absolute nothing for me-in fact quite the reverse-although I know that other people like it.

Explorer1, 05/December/2013

Please film a scene from Brad having a date with an other boy while wearing his blue nylon downfilled jacket. Its so horny!

Donsjackie, 05/December/2013

Great scene - more like this please. Like the watersports too

Paritecian, 29/December/2013

That final mutual piss scene is overhot! Dripping in turn on!

Julienxxx, 08/March/2015

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