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Wide-Mouthed Dick Casey Proves He Has An Even Wider Ass When It Comes To Big Black Cock! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 35)
Added: 15/December/2013
Duration: 17 minutes, 8 seconds
Comments: 25


The ever-popular Dick Casey has always been of an adventurous bent, so it was no surprise that he was as keen as mustard to be paired up with the over-sized Devon LeBron for some interracial fornication – and believe us, it shows! Why, the horny fellow gives an even wider smile than usual when confronted with the stats of the black dude’s mammoth butt-picker – proved beyond doubt courtesy of a handy tape-measure – and is soon quite literally wrapping his lips around the dark-skinned beauty. And who the fuck can blame him? The fact of the matter is that LeBron’s black mamba is a beauty to behold; and whilst Casey is only too willing to allow his king-sized pal the pleasure of a giving a blow-job in return, it’s all too obvious that he’s really only interested in getting to see how much of that thick, meaty, uncut cock he can get inside his ass.

As such it’s no great marvel that Casey’s soon sitting down on LeBron’s lap shortly after having been giving a hearty Caribbean rimming, and before you know it he’s taking pretty much every inch that LeBron’s been blessed with.

What follows is quite simply breathtaking, as Casey proves beyond doubt why he’s one of the finest porn stars of his generation; and by the time his black buddy has filled his hungry fuck-hole with jizz there’s every chance that you’ll have shot your load. Whether you manage to achieve a climax like Casey, however, is quite another matter entirely – a stupendous, multi-shot geyser-like spurt of epic proportions!

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This really is Staxus at its best. A beautiful, big black cock inside a spunky Euro boy. Well done!

mesmerised, 15/December/2013

Totally agree with comment from Mesmerised and a great finale cum shot from Dick Casey - 5 stars.

memesteve, 15/December/2013

Great scene, really hot, Devon LeBron and Casey are great together

Staxusfan, 15/December/2013

*H*O*T* !!! :-))))))))

Nympho_Maniac, 15/December/2013

Would be so hot to see Dick Casey totally submissive to Devon LeBron: Dick tonguing Devon's asshole and dream come true, Dick taking Devon' piss......But this will do as a starter. Both models are so hot.

abbess, 15/December/2013

SO HOT ;-)

Jo, 16/December/2013

WOW - that was one hot scene. Devon has a hell of a big prick and knows how to use it

Essexboy, 17/December/2013

Nice scene but I have a few remarks. To me the scene should have included lots of balls deep penetration (especially after measuring Devon's cock it was a shame that Dick didn't get all of that cock up in his ass) and lots more "aggressive" pounding (like the recent IR scene with Alejandro Marbena and Troy Stevenson) To me the scene is a 6 out of 10 but if it was more intense/rough and deeper penetration I'd probably give 9 out of 10.

biggerthebetter, 17/December/2013

This was a great pairing with Devon Lebron my fav Dominican and Dick Casey who can really take it.

DeWayne in SD, 21/January/2014

Dick Casey is becoming a perfect passive whorecunt. Love it! Would love to see him licking some black assholes and riding two black cocks at once…..To see such a hot stud submit to black domination is a real turn on. More please!

kenora, 19/February/2014

Yes a really gay boy Dick Casey. So often fucking hard ass hole of little tender boys. But now there playing the little boy with his ass hole is just so lovely tender ! Yes a real big cock was required to feel himself a real bottom partner.

erwann, 15/July/2015

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