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Loud-Mouthed Chav Gets His Just (Hard Dicked) Desserts Courtesy Of Two Horny Geeks! HD

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Added: 23/December/2013
Duration: 19 minutes, 18 seconds
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You have to be of a certain age to find the anatomy of the penis amusing, but clearly Rhys Casey and Oscar Hart are still young enough to snigger when confronted with such a diagram in a biology textbook – and good for them! Not that Tommy Lee shares their amusement, despite being of a similar age. Walking into the room to find the two nerds tittering away, the hard-nosed chav appears to take exception to their antics – but soon comes to regret his rather foolhardy response to the students.

They might be a couple of bookworms, but Casey and Hart are clearly all too capable of standing up for themselves. A point that’s very visibly underlined when they promptly bundle Lee over a desk and thrust their thick, straining dicks in his direction. It’s at this point, of course, that you’d be forgiven for assuming that the cropped haired youth would show a degree of resistance, but there’s nothing of the sort on offer from Lee.

Indeed, if anything you’d actually think that he’s been living for just such an opportunity all his life, as he very greedily devours both knobs on offer with boisterous enthusiasm; before subsequently allowing Hart and Casey to bugger his ass in a spit-roasting, ball-slamming frenzy. Needless to report it’s not long before the jizz begins to flow, with the two tops blasting their pent-up wads all over Lee’s face and Lee himself jerking out a healthy and very appreciative load across his own belly. Putting a knob in his place has arguably never been as satisfying!