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Porn Interview Produces A Tsunami Of Jizz As Newbie’s Ass Gets Worked Big Time! HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 45)
Added: 31/December/2013
Duration: 21 minutes, 40 seconds
Comments: 25


We’ve all heard of psychometric tests and workshop role-play as part of the job interview process, but things are taken to a whole new level when floppy-haired youngster, Jeanne D’Arc, is given a full-on road-test by Ethan White. Not that the new boy appears in any way flustered by the proposition – an indication, perhaps, that he’s a little more experienced than he might otherwise like us to all think. Certainly he shows no quarms when it comes to handling White’s handsome ramrod, pulling the meaty shaft from its nesting place inside the trainee’s trousers and promptly gobbling away like a pro.

Nor does he show any sign of embarrassment or reluctance when White produces an array of sex-toys to use on his ass. Indeed, D’Arc takes every inch of synthetic pleasure that his fuck-buddy throws his way; and by the time that White finally gets round to using his own dick you’d be forgiven for wondering whether the bottom’s ass is too stretched to give either party pleasure. Rest assured, however, that White’s very much left the best until last as he proceeds to pound away at D’Arc’s hole in a succession of positions, culminating in the interviewee spewing a fabulous wad of hot jizz all over the bed-covers.

Fuck knows who’s gonna be clearing that mess up; but neither fellow seems at all concerned, least of all White who then wanks out a fine blast of ball-snot of his own. Now if that performance doesn’t impress the judges (or indeed yourselves) then we really don’t know what will!

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Simply loved to watch this casting ! Everything done so...nicely. Ethan told right away to Jeanne what he was there for and soon they went for a very pleasant moment. Castings like these are always great. And Jeanne can handle (almost) with everything ;). Jeane is approved of course !

Vaclav, 31/December/2013

Nice scene with plenty of good action.

memesteve, 31/December/2013

I don't agree about the "casting" bit at start and finish .It added nothing to the scene and was a bit cringeworthy . Guys doing porn simply do not make good actors!!

StuartB, 31/December/2013

vivat hippies!

logo, 31/December/2013

Really enjoyed this scene. Think it was probably Ethans best. He really gave Jeanne D'Arc a real fucking. Hope to see this boy again. Agree with StuartB though, the 'casting' bit, start and finish let the scene down. I enjoyed Connor, but in porn, not as an actor.

Keith, 31/December/2013

Guys, This is one of four scenes from a new DVD with a "casting couch" theme, hence the beginning being as it is. The scenes don't work without these. The models enjoyed doing them and I think they were quite quirky. We keep getting asked to get the models to talk more, but when we do we get comments as above. Its a no win situation.

Michael - Staxus, 31/December/2013

I think it's fun to have some themed action and a way into the videos like they have in these new Casting ones. I don't think it takes anything away from the scene at all. Seriously guys, if you don't like that part of it just click forward! I prefer to get the whole experience rather than just skip to the action, it's something that makes Staxus a little different from many of the other sites and studios. I enjoyed this one, both the boys really seemed to be enjoying themselves and I like the idea of new performers being welcomed with a "casting" scene like this. Well done.

Tommy, 31/December/2013

Love that Video. Jeane can take big dildos deep and wide. Hope to see more of him. The interviews are a good idea to Show some new ideas.

twinklove69, 31/December/2013

Fantastic new model in Jeanne D'Arc!! Love the hair and the skinny jeans! Hope we see a lot more of him-he has real potential!

Explorer1, 01/January/2014

Unfortunately, the quality of images and the way of filming are under average.... It's a pity because actors are nice

PISSLOLO, 01/January/2014

love Jeanne, longer hair on a guy is soo fucking horny and what a wonderful bottom!!!

jump8r, 01/January/2014

Ethan is amazing!

uxonian, 10/January/2014

Wow, the skinny jeans ALONE (from both models), I consider porn, lol. Mix in Jeanne D'Arc (Joan of Arc)'s long hair and pretty face/inside definitely have a winner. Both twinks are extremely gorgeous! Thanks Staxus for such a fun scene!! :-) Really enjoyed it!

existenz (in Canada), 02/February/2014

I have never paid for sex.. but if I knew that D'Arc was going to be involved....

thunderball, 20/February/2014

The model calling himself "Jeanne de Arc" is simply extraordinary. He is masculine w/just the a touch of femme. Gott! I believe he is perfect. He steals every scene. I would love to see much, much more of this magnificent man. Je l'adore ! Je l'adore maintenant. Il est magnifique!

John R. Hughes, 02/March/2014

I hope to see Devon Lebron fucks Jeanne D'Arc!!

Alex, 17/March/2014

"Jeanne" has a wonderful body and I love his hair! This man is beautiful. Staxus, may we please see him again?! Please do not let him go. Oh yes his choice of jeans is is impeccable. "Ethan" is good also but longish hair is just ausgezeichnet, Velkolepé, um magnifique!

JohnRHughes, 23/March/2014

Jean is feminine and sexy. Etan is so crude. What a shame!

Mario, 03/June/2016

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