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Sam Kirby gets double teamed and creamed by Kurt and Kamyk HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 25)
Added: 02/January/2014
Duration: 25 minutes, 27 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s not often that we feature a Chihuahua in one of our scenes, but in fairness Connor Levi’s pet enjoys only the briefest of film appearances. Truth is the poor thing comes a disappointing (though not surprising) second to Kamyk Walker’s dick, which for the record is soon working its way down Sam Kirby’s throat when the young British-Asian lad turns up for a job interview.

By this point Levi has disappeared with his dog to the vets, but the fellow’s understudy, Kurt Maddox, is more than capable of conducting all the necessary model checks – including the obligatory examination of Kirby’s ass-hole by means of a collection of sex toys and dildos. Not that a couple of horny, professional whores like Walker and Maddox are going to be satisfied until they’ve got their cocks deep inside the visitor’s rump, and needless to report it’s no time at all before Kirby is laid prostrate across a desk with a hard knob poking him from either end.

To his credit, the newbie takes every rampant inch that’s fired his way with remarkable ease – an indication perhaps that this is a boy who’s not quite as much of a novice as he’d have you believe. Certainly he gains the appreciation of his two interviewers, that’s for sure; culminating in Walker spraying a fine load of jizz all over his face, before Maddox switches ends and does exactly the same. What the family at home would say if they could see him is anyone’s guess, but Kirby leaves the room a much-used fellow, with a contented smile on his gooey face!

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Looking forward to Sam Kirby being in more scenes. He's great. Got a nice cock, too!

gdbinoz, 02/January/2014

I always enjoy it when a new guy arrives, and I have a feeling that a lot of the members are going to enjoy watching more scenes with tanned twink Sam appearing. Still loving the casting theme too! ;)

Tommy, 02/January/2014

As expected Sam is very cute but a bit shy. Want to see more of him.

Steven, 02/January/2014

Sam may be a little shy, but for sure he loved being with Kurt and Kamyk. The 'casting' theme is really a very good option ! And with the boss (Connor) out of the office, Kurt couldn't wait to see what the new boy had to offer. Another good decision on this scene ;)

Vaclav, 03/January/2014

Very unusual to see an Asian lad (as he would be known in the UK) anywhere near anything gay. Nice change. He's very cute and beautifully skinny as skinny Asian lads can be! Would love to see him in another scene, with some of the newer models (as opposed to the over used and over exposed Staxis stalwarts). Good move, though the whole site would be improved for me if it dropped the amateur dramatics. They're cringeworthy. And you might have thought up a more appropriate name than "Sam Kirby"!

Trev, 04/January/2014

boring, tired

Sascha, 04/January/2014

Hi Trev, The UK models always choose their own names so Sam Kirby was his choice not ours. Glad you guys are all liking him so far. We will get him back soon for more scenes.

Michael - Staxus, 04/January/2014

Glad to see your posting of this scene Michael. Glad you are getting Sam Kirby back. Yes, it is unusual to see an Asian lad, but cute and skinny and nice cock too.. Very nice! Its natural to be a bit nervious and shy on his first scene. Think its best to tart new boys with Staxis stalwarts.

Keith, 04/January/2014

The little asian twink is quite sweet...but wish someone had invested some time in shaving him--twinks lose major points for having hairy asses.

Tim USA, 20/January/2014


epis7copal, 22/January/2014

Wow Sam Kirby is hot! Love British Asian guys - we don't see enough of them. Sam's cute slim body and nicely hairy hole are great - more please!

furfix555, 07/February/2014

Agree with all of the above - bring back Sam for some more, not enough british asian lads on this or any other site. Lovedthe shyness and the brummie accent Loved him getting fucked twice and a facial all on his first outing . But he has an impressive cock as well - so some flip flop action please!

jaynorth, 08/February/2014

I would happily swap places with Sam, can't get enough of Kurt's hood and pure white cum. I would happily swallow every last drop.

funtime, 09/May/2014

I agree with Funtime! I would also like to swallow Kamyk's load as well,though ;)

mwhisky, 14/February/2015

Just one thing : it had been said when he join, that young British /Asian / Indian Kamyk would appear more ; this has obviously not been the case, which is a pity. Although I understand it might be maybe difficult to find them, I'd really like to see more Asian, South Mediteranean, Indian guys on the site, this would gratly enhance it by bringing diversity and ethnicities. Possible to think about this in the future ? Thanks.

Christian, 21/March/2015

Please please ... more cute Indian /English Asian guys ... Sam is sooooo hot ...he is a total find .... more please from Sam ... or his mates!

smilerzz, 22/January/2016

This is a lovely video. I love all three models. Kamyk has always been a favourite, and I just love to see him as a top with his cock deep inside this dusky beauty. With Kurt taking over the fucking for a while it becomes even better. The explosion of Kurt's cum on Sam's face was great. I just wish I could have licked it all off!

Ryan, 01/March/2016

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