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Spit-Roasting Clerics Get Down & Dirty For An Ass-Stretching, Cum-Pumping Threesome! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 30)
Added: 30/January/2014
Duration: 31 minutes, 19 seconds
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Reading scripture may not be everyone’s idea of a fun night in – and let’s face it we can think of one or two things we’d rather be doing – but given young Felix Webster’s reaction to the task in the opening moments of this terrific threesome maybe more of us should consider taking it up. After all, both Troy Stevenson and Will Sims are clearly deeply affected by their fellow spiritual’s fireside litany – promptly crowding in on the lad in order to kiss and smooch with almost religious fervour, and in the process signalling the start of an impassioned foray of cock-sucking that’ll surely have you tugging on your own cock in no time at all!

The fact, of course, is that all that apparent priestly abstinence has left this trio of horny buddies feeling like a pack of dogs with two dicks, and it’s really no surprise that they’re soon taking turns to slurp on whatever hardened flesh they can get their mouths on. But for all the unquestionable delights that such oral adventures can offer, nothing’s really going to satisfy these guys until they’ve engaged in some good old-fashioned red-raw sodomy – the kind that priests the world over are renowned for!

Cue the insatiable appetite of Webster’s eager little ass-hole, which is soon taking every inch that his mate’s can muster – first by being spit-roasted by Sims and Stevenson, and then by taking turns to ride both fat schlongs for all they’re worth. Irreverent it may be, but it’s little wonder that none of these boys are able to hold back for long. As such it’s no time at all before the spunk is flying in all directions – as, no doubt, will yours in response!