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Flip-Flop Priestly Fuckers Take Love Of Man To A Whole New Cum-Bustin’ Level! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 19)
Added: 07/February/2014
Duration: 21 minutes, 6 seconds
Comments: 25


Ever one to demonstrate his sacrificial love for his charges, Father Salvatore Salvi takes full advantage of young Tobias Mose’s early morning arrival to show that he’s not just a man of words. Indeed, when this fellow says that he loves his fellow man he’s more than ready and willing to put such sentiment into hard, physical action. As a result, it’s no time at all before the fellow has bundled the fresh-faced Mose onto his bed and has pulled the youngster’s handsome, uncut shaft out of his cassock – signalling the start of a terrific, energetic blow-job that perfectly sets the scene for the hardcore action to follow.

The truth of the matter, of course, is that Salvi just can’t wait to engage in a totally unrestrained set-piece with his blond-haired underling, and before you know it the two guys are outstretched top-to-toe giving each other the kind of oral workout that’s the very stuff of daydreams. It’s clear even at this point, however, that there’s an unsatisfied urge in the older cleric’s mind-set, and that it’s only a matter of time before Salvi is giving Mose a first class, no-holds-barred ass-stretching!

Ever the romantic, however, he doesn’t achieve his goal without first enthusiastically rimming the young lad’s ass-hole – preparing Mose’s pucker for the energetic stretching that he’s clearly got planned. That, however, is only half the story. Having rigorously fucked for all he’s worth, it’s a case of roles in total reverse as he takes every inch that his buddy can muster; before allowing Mose to blast a fine volley of cream all over his face, coating his goatee in the process. Magic!

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Salvatore is not really my type but Tobias is def! So guys tell John he needs to get that boy again for some scenes!

secondsky, 07/February/2014

In my church, have never seen a little priest like Tobias. Fortunately, I found him at Staxus ;). Gorgeous eyes, not to mention Is this Tobias first scene ? Well, I believe there will be a lot more with him. Tobias is a Yes for me ;). About the scene, I enjoyed the chemistry between both.

Vaclav, 07/February/2014

Agree, more of Tobias Mose, very nice.

memesteve, 07/February/2014

I love both of these guys, and there is definitely real chemistry there too. I was impressed with Salvatore after his first scene, and it's great to see him back so soon.

Tommy, 07/February/2014

Au plan purement porno, cette réalisation de John SMITH est cent fois supérieure à la très mauvaise scène de la veille réalisée par M B. Toutefois, j'aurais préféré voir l'adorable TOBIAS entrepris par un autre minet (ADRIAN SMALLWOOD par exemple) plutôt que par Salvatore. Quoiqu'il en soit, j'aime beaucoup cette série sur les prêtres qui est excellente.

PASCALOUX, 07/February/2014

scène pas mal , mais pourquoi pas prévoir un monastère avec ce père comme maitre et tout ces jeunes prêtre pour une formation , ou on les verrai cultiver la terre en soutane voir relevé laissant apparaitre les fesses - leur couilles ou alors de vielles soutanes fendu laissant pas mal de choses dévoilés ou alors faire du bricolage , mais toujours en soutane - voir une scène dans un confessionnal ou jeune prête poilu nu sous soutane qui confesse un jeune venant se confesser et découvrant trou dans séparation pour glory hole , il passerait sa bite et le jeune prêtre le sucerai en se mettant debout et cambrai et on verrai le rideau du confessionnal bouger , la deux jeunes prêtre en soutane s'approcherai et enlèverai le rideau et soulèverai la soutane du prête et il l'enculerai a tour de rôle et pourquoi pas lui jouir dans le fion et voir le cul ressortir

didieroperas, 09/February/2014

the alter boys should wear more clothes under their robes so that the priest doesn't want to fondle so much lol-super hot scene

russet24, 21/February/2014

Love the new guy-Tobias! Great Cock, Ass, Beautiful Blues! Need to see more of him! Nice Scene!

Billy, 24/February/2014

I loved this scene have watched it three times both guys have good chemisty and Tobias Moseis a dreamy addition to Staxus!

DeWayne in SD, 25/February/2014

Too bad we only saw once the well talented super hot versatile Tobias Moseis...!

Christian, 19/October/2014

Where is Tobias again? Where is info about the elder guy?

George, 17/November/2014

Do you still have contact with Tobias ? shall we see him again ? I love his ass.

Christian, 21/March/2015

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