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Interracial Suck & Fuck-Fest Results In Jason Mike Getting An Ass-Load Of Hot Spunk! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 28)
Added: 17/February/2014
Duration: 23 minutes, 11 seconds
Comments: 25


Young Jason Mike has a clear liking for big black cock – and it shows! Why, the horny little bastard literally can’t wait to get Devon LeBron’s infamous weapon from out of the depths of the fellow’s kinky leather pants, and before you really know what’s happening his lips are hanging off LeBron’s bell-end and pleasuring the buff Dominican like a common backstreet whore.

Then again, of course, what else would you expect from Mike? Not that the black dude’s averse to enjoying a bit of salami himself, as those of us who’ve admired him in action before can testify; but whilst LeBron goes through the motions of feasting on his white mate’s shaft early on in the scene, the main focus here is on the monster in the black man’s pants. Indeed, LeBron’s thick, meaty, uncut mamba is every inch the star of the show in this set-piece – as it is in its every encounter! – and it comes as no surprise when, having rimmed Mike’s ass in anticipation, LeBron is finally pushing the entire length of his oversized schlong deep into his fuck-buddy’s ass.

Given the dimensions that we’re talking here it would come as no surprise if Mike screamed his head off as his rump gets stretched to the physical max, but to his credit the fellow accommodates every wanton inch on offer. Cue a fantastic, ball-bustin’ escapade of multi-positional interracial fornication that’ll have you tossing off in no time – culminating in LeBron spraying Mike’s ass-hole with hot jizz, before banging the boy’s dirty little well-used pucker one last time!

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Oh Boy !!! This scene deserves an Oscar nomination. Perfect from the first second till the last second. I like the start sucking in those sexy leather jocks. Jason sucking Devon his massive boner and licking his big balls and than Devon licking and sucking Jason's cock. Also love the part where Jason lay's down and Devon standing over him with his monster cock in Jason's mouth. I love the long rimming part, Devon is an experienced asslicker. Jason riding on Devon's giant weapon is perfect. I also like the switch between fucking and sucking. It's great to see Jason's gaping hole when Devon pull's his dick out of Jason's ass. And what a big load in Jason's ass. I was always a fan of Devon LeBron And now i am a fan of Jason Mike too. Jason is a very handsome young guy and i hope to see a lot more scenes with that beauty. Maximum rating 5/5 and in my favorite scenes.

noelweets, 17/February/2014

What could I add to Noel's words? Nothing. Just perfect! :)))

Nympho_Maniac, 17/February/2014

La perfection a encore été atteinte dans cette scène grandiose réalisée par John SMITH. Félicitations.

PASCALOUX, 17/February/2014

I would like to add that I loved the two last positions ;). An amazing way to see how sex can be done ;)

Vaclav, 17/February/2014

I have a Top 10 of my Staxus downloads and this scene will be in that Top 10 for ever !!!

noelweets, 17/February/2014

Wow, don't know how you do it but each scene with Lebron just gets better and better, Great! Jason Mike with Lebron is perfect!

Staxusfan, 20/February/2014


epis7copal, 20/February/2014

great scene - Jason Mike is gorgeous - what a hole! Devon gets better and bigger it seems - thanks guys and Mr. Smith.

eagerbrit, 24/February/2014

Devon has really come into his own he is so much more confident I think he has becoming a star top at Staxus! Kudos to any bottom who can take and enjoy Devon so add Jason Mike to that short list that Kurt,Alexander and Milan are on.

DeWayne in SD, 25/February/2014

If those hot dominicans come back to europe I'd like to see Mike get fucked by Alejandro, or even better in a threeway with both Alejandro and Devon with a dp =D

Biggerthebetter, 24/April/2014

This scene is definitely ON of the BEST of the WHOLE site ! I love Jason Mike both active or passive and here he plays well : great to see how he takes the full length and full cum load of Devon in his gaping hole. More like this are needed. Thanks again and indeed FANTASTIC !

Christian, 18/July/2014

What a delicious scene. Both Jason and Devon portray pure pleasure. Everything in this scene is a turn on. Thank u guys

sleepsinlater , 29/February/2016

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