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Connor Levi Manhandles A Big Black Dick & Gets A Load Of Hot Jizz Up His Ass In Return! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 33)
Added: 21/February/2014
Comments: 25


Champagne, strawberries, big black cock ... young Connor Levi just can’t make up his mind which one of these he prefers when savouring the good life with the almost over-endowed Dominican, Devon LeBron. In the end, however, there can only be one winner, and ultimately it comes as no surprise when his buddy’s monster-sized dick takes precedence.

However, not before LeBron has taken the chance to enjoy the (admittedly smaller) delights of Levi’s white fuck-rod, using the drink and berries as an added kinky aspect to his teasing indulgences. But arguably matters only begin to heat up significantly once the tattoed Brit boy gets the opportunity to unleash his impassioned energies on LeBron’s meaty, uncut ass-stretcher, slurping on the beast with the kind of no-holds-barred fury that has long since been his trait as a porn star. No question about it, this is a fellow who clearly lives for cock in every sense; and, having lathered himself into a frenzy, he promptly turns his attention to LeBron’s pert little ass, washing that dark rump with booze and smothering it with mushed-up fruit before enthusiastically rimming the rosebud.

But before you get any false notions, there’s only one pucker that’s gonna get fucked in this sexy escapade – and, not surprisingly given its reputation, it’s the one between Levi’s butt-cheeks! So cue a fabulous performance of ass-stretching credentials, as STAXUS’s favourite power-bottom gets to work on that handsome mamba and receives a butt-full of jizz as a reward. Little wonder the guy spurts so much cum himself in response!

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Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew this would be a great scene when i saw the pics yesterday. But the scene is even better !!! Always nice to see Devon LeBron with his GIANT massive cock. I love the the part where Connor Levi eating strawberries on the as of Devon. GREAT rimming too. Connor riding on Devon's dick is horny too and i like to watch the cum dripping out of Connor's ass and than Connor suck's Devon's cock again. In my scene Top 10 this scene is my NUMBER 1 !!!!! 5/5 for Devon & Connor and 5/5 for this long horny scene.

noelweets, 21/February/2014

Barrington Peart & Devon LeBron vs. Twinks is the reason I joined Staxus. Please more & more of them. Today clip is simply fantastic! Please keep up the great job you're doing & thanx!

ljdean, 21/February/2014

Une nouvelle réalisation de John SMITH qui atteint la perfection. L'adorable minet qu'est CONNOR est une fois de plus phénoménal dans cette scène exceptionnelle. Félicitations.

PASCALOUX, 21/February/2014

All good when watched from the site, but unable to complete the HD download of this scene :(. Plays to 16:28, then stops. Tried to d/l a few times with no luck...

Tim, 22/February/2014

@Tim Try the HD 720p Tim The quality is perfect !!!

noelweets, 22/February/2014

BRAVO I'm extremely grateful for this astonishing movie .what a great pair Connor and Devon were i love how connor starts of this scene with his champagne and devon doesn't understand a word ,is this scripted ?? I found it rather interesting with his accent and such a brilliant ending . .more of them please I rate this 10-10 well done to all involved

Tommys, 24/February/2014

Loved it! Devon LeBron has become one of the treasures of Staxus... certainly motivated a lot of members to join or stay. Just great! :-)))

Nympho_Maniac, 28/February/2014

devon has a wonderful cock and beautiful ass so tight and that big cock has a mind of its own he is wonderful

yum , 25/January/2015

Connor is just great, licking that beautiful black hole of Devon before taking his enormous cock fully into his own sweet asshole. Awesome!

Ryan, 20/July/2016

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