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Jaxon Radoc Gets Stretched In The Shower, Before Enjoying A Jizzy Swim-Time Facial! HD

3.7/5 (Total votes: 23)
Added: 06/March/2014
Duration: 17 minutes, 59 seconds
Comments: 25


Okay, so it may be a little chilly in the showers to begin with, but – as Jaxon Radoc and Billy Rubens soon discover – the temperature can quickly shoot right up once the soap’s been lathered a little and the mood’s been set for a few minutes of intimacy between swimming-buddies. Indeed, any competitive spirit that may have existed in the pool lanes is promptly put aside by both these lads in the quest for mutual carnal satisfaction – which, it must be pointed out, is to be found in grand abundance during the course of this spunktastic scene!

For the fact of the matter is that both these guys are in very fine form indeed as they smooch and grind in the shower-room for your sordid entertainment, and we’ve no doubt in our minds whatsoever that their display will have our fans going into a sticky meltdown en-masse! Not that there should really be any cause for doubt from these two classy fellows. Aussie boy Radoc is a very firm favourite already – in every sense! – and Rubens is an up-and-cumming star who’s established himself as a must-see in pretty much no time at all.

So it is that their flip-flop sucking session is soon escalated by the sight of Rubens thrusting his fine, meaty fuck-stick deep into Radoc’s ever-greedy ass-hole – the boy from down-under clearly savouring every inch of Slavic dick like the cock-slut he is! It’s no time at all before our blond hero is busting his nuts; just before Rubens spurts the contents of his heavy sac all over his mate’s face. If this filthy little set-piece doesn’t do it for you then we don’t know what will!

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verry nice but better with Milan Sharp (wenn do we see him again)instead of Billy. please let someone stop him painting his body. he start looking a cheap whore., 07/March/2014

Hi. Please dont make rude comments like this about the models. There is no need for it. Michael

Michael - Staxus, 07/March/2014

La remarque qui a été faite par KZACH.AT sur BILLY est absolument déplacée et particulièrement vulgaire. Je n'accepte pas et n'accepterai jamais que l'on puisse porter atteinte à l'intégrité physique des modèles. Que ce personnage sache que si la société européenne proposait à tous les jeunes un emploi bien payé, la plupart d'entre eux feraient sans doute autre chose que du porno gay. Je suggère donc à STAXUS la suppression automatique des tous les commentaires blessants à l'encontre des modèles.

PASCALOUX, 07/March/2014


epis7copal, 07/March/2014

sorry we do not live in Rssia or China, i can have my opinion! it is a pitty that pascaloux is not able to write in english so we can understand him. it is a human and european right to have your opinion. and please read good i say start looking...... i think end of discusion., 08/March/2014

No one is saying members can't have an opinion but your comment about Billy was offensive and I totally agree with Pascalouxs comments above. If you don't like a model that's fine but there is no need to be rude. Now the discussion is ended.

Michael - Staxus, 08/March/2014

When I was born, there was no freedoom of speech in my country. A couple of years later, I was still a child, my country earned the right of freedoom. I respect everybody's opinion, but, for me, to call 'whore' is not freedoom of speech !

Vaclav, 09/March/2014

I really like Billy and I love his tattoos but I really hope that he starts barefucking soon.

Matthew77, 09/March/2014

@Matthew77 - Billy is now shooting bareback for us, and his first EVER bareback scene will be live on 17th March.

Michael - Staxus, 09/March/2014

This is not the finest of Staxus.

JohnRHughes, 12/March/2014

Body painting and all can quickly turn once hot into ugly. I like it without.

garthb, 01/September/2014

As a Billy/Jaxon fan(atic) AND a lover of tattoos and great cocks in speedos, I think this is among the finest of Staxus. I had watched this scene before...yet I thought it was one worth mentioning given some of the unfair comments above...

existenz, 07/September/2014

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