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It’s First-Class Travel All The Way As Benjamin Dunn Gives His Army Pal A Hard Raw Fuck! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 23)
Added: 05/March/2014
Duration: 24 minutes, 49 seconds
Comments: 25


Are they a pair of soldiers heading back to base? Or are they on the run, having gone AWOL? To be fair it’s doubtful that you’ll care. What you will want to know, however, is that it doesn’t take long before Benjamin Dunn and Sven Laarson are allowing their physical attraction to each other to take the upper hand in proceedings. Indeed, once they’ve found seats on the train they’ve boarded and the inspector has passed through the carriage and punched their tickets, the two comrades-in-arms are immediately stripping out of their khaki and reaching for each other’s swollen dicks.

Not that you’d ever really expect anything else of our boys, but if anything Dunn and Laarson are even more desperate than the average Czech lad and as such you’ll find they’re taking turns to suck cock even quicker than you might anticipate. Speed, it would seem, is the most important factor of the day, and as such it then shouldn’t surprise you that Laarson is soon grinding his slim, lithe body down onto Dunn’s achingly gorgeous.

From that point onwards, the whole escapade is a veritable joy to watch, with the blond boy relishing every single inch that his buddy can thrust his way. Little wonder that the fellow is soon spewing out a fine wad of jizz as Dunn bangs away at his tight, hungry little ass-hole; before the top finally succumbs to the inevitable and ratchets a load all over Laarson’s lips. Army manoeuvres have rarely looked so attractive – with a negligent discharge on your part a seeming inevitability!

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Both Benjamin and Sven look better than ever before. The hairdo change does help a lot. Nice, fresh location and good cam work, esp. shooting angles.

secondsky, 05/March/2014

Hmmm.... download doesn't seem to be working?

InfrequentFlyer, 05/March/2014

Good return to the past on an ancient train with two 'modern' performers... So nice to see Sven again. It's always a pleasure to see him ! And this time with Benjamin, always a very fine top.

Vaclav, 05/March/2014

No-none of the three options for downloading seems to be working!

explorer1, 05/March/2014

same here doesn't download!?!

neville38, 05/March/2014

yep only the stream is working...thought first that its because I tryed just after midnight Amsterdam time but something seems to be broken for sure now.

secondsky, 05/March/2014

still no downloads

wtf, 05/March/2014

9.43 According to my browser Still NO file to download

HeidBanger69, 05/March/2014

I'm getting 404 not found on like 90% of videos... is this normal?

horny, 05/March/2014

@horny youre right, most videos are seems that they are working on their content delivery network implementation or the website itself or something gone wrong tonight with the CDN.

secondsky, 05/March/2014

Hi guys! Please give us a bit of time, one of our servers went crazy for some reason. Should be back up soon! We apologize for this!

Staxus - Andy, 05/March/2014

@Staxus - Andy I understand it and no hard feelings. Think we all have sometimes computer problems. Very happy to see Staxus back on line.

noelweets, 06/March/2014

This is a perfect scene with all the ingredients to make it a horny scene. Kissing, sucking, rimming and fucking. Think i will take the train more often from now on ;-) No doubt this is a 5 star scene !!!

noelweets, 06/March/2014

Fantastic scene! I cannot get enough of Sven Laarson. Great performer. @Andy Any chance we might finally get to see Sven's scene with Chance Anderson, which appeared in the movie Stretched some months ago? Would be great! Thanks.

eric-a12, 06/March/2014

Un nouveau chef d'œuvre du porno gay signé John SMITH. Félicitations pour cette scène parfaite à tous points de vues A l'attention de Monsieur ANDY : hier soir (05/03/2014), un message informait vos clients que le site était temporairement indisponible pour cause de maintenance. Cette maintenance avait notamment pour but de réduire la durée des téléchargements. Il semblerait que cela n'ait pas fonctionné parce qu'il m'a fallu 54 minutes pour télécharger cette vidéo en full HD c'est-à-dire autant de temps qu'avant l'installation de cette dite maintenance. temps

PASCALOUX, 06/March/2014

Cool set! Can not get enough of both Sven and Benjamin

Steven, 06/March/2014

All dowbloaded beautifully ! Thankyou Andy.

neville38, 06/March/2014

One of my fav 5 star scenes Benjamin and Sven are perfect and I love the old Czech trains film in them before they all get scrapped!

DeWayne in SD, 07/March/2014

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