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Horny Hunk Tries Out Jaxon Radoc’s Trunks – Followed By Every Inch Of The Aussie’s Fuck-Pole!

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Added: 12/March/2014
Duration: 21 minutes, 12 seconds
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He’s a young, good-looking gay guy, so it’s little wonder that Jaxon Radoc has a somewhat enviable taste in fashion, but how Darius Ferdynand knew about the Australian lad’s collection of top-class swimwear is anyone’s guess. However the disclosure was made, Ferdynand’s clearly determined to make the most of his buddy’s love of classy clothes, and, seeing Radoc’s collection, he’s soon taking the opportunity to trial a sexy pair of crimson briefs.

It’s a move that’s only ever going to have one effect on Radoc, who – as we all know so well by now – has never been the kind of guy who can resist any sexy man, least of all one who’s dressed in nothing more than a skimpy pair of trunks. But the fact that the Aussie is confronted by a muscled dude with a dick like a tree-trunk makes the resistance all the more futile. As such it comes as absolutely no surprise at all when the lad is almost immediately down on his knees giving the said joystick a generous embrace; before Ferdynand returns the favour as any good buddy would. Indeed, by the time Radoc is giving his mate’s ass a rigorous rimming in anticipation of the somewhat inevitable fucking to follow, you’ll have almost certainly come to the conclusion that Ferdynand’s antics were all premeditated, and that everyone’s favourite boy from the bush was the victim of a long-planned sexual advance.

Still, who the fuck cares? All that really counts is that we get to enjoy a fabulous fuck, with Ferdynand taking every inch of Radoc’s cock like a trooper; before both guys spurt like whales in an all-out whitewash!