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Detention Proves To Be Ball-Bustin’ Fun For Dick Casey’s Dick On His Horny Mate’s Ass! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 31)
Added: 16/March/2014
Duration: 23 minutes, 56 seconds
Comments: 25


They’re a couple of high school rebels, whose characters are such that being in trouble is almost second nature. As such, being put into detention for smoking by their teacher, Johan Volny, merely serves as just another opportunity for mischievousness for Dick Casey and Kris Wallace; and it’s little wonder that the two beaus are very soon engaged in some rebellious fun together, courtesy of a banana! In fairness, Casey’s response to Wallace’s sensual provocation is only all too understandable – how else would you expect him to react to the sight of his mate teasing the end of the fruit with his tongue?

Indeed, the mutual cock-rubbing that follows almost seems understated in comparison; although it has to be noted that both boys are soon out of their jockstraps and feverishly relishing the contents of each other’s crotches. It’s at this point, of course, that any notion of innocent foreplay is thrust to one side as the pair engage in a sweaty, double-barrelled act of hardcore fornication – the initial act of fellatio promptly overtaken by Casey’s obvious desire to fuck the living daylights out of his buddy and by Wallace’s all-too-apparent wish to let his mate do just that!

The mating session that follows is quite simply top-notch, with Casey’s oversized ramrod providing Wallace’s unprotected ass-hole the kind of pounding that it deserves; before both lads let nature take its course, splattering each other with volcanic-style jets of goo. The ensuing relief is almost palpable – though whether you notice in your own desire to work out a load (or three!!) is quite another matter!

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Dick and Kris : what a gorgeous pair ! C'mon, guys.. say it : isn't it good to be back on school ? Yes, it is ;) . Kris always ready for fun and Dick always willing to

Vaclav, 16/March/2014

Great scene! Kris Wallace is so hot and great with Casey

Staxusfan, 16/March/2014

Dick Casey and Kris Wallace are a perfect match. I am a fan of Dick Casey since the first time i saw a scene with him. He has smiling glittering eyes and ..... what a BIG cock. Who want to suck a banana when Dick his dick is available ? ( Lol ) Sucking, Rimming and fucking in Bike Jocks is sexy and horny. 5/5 for this perfect scene !!!

noelweets, 16/March/2014

Kris recent Army threeway was already great, but this sparking pairing with Dick is even hotter.

Steven, 16/March/2014

I LOVE this scene! Two gorgeous guys, cute faces with beautiful eyes, sensual lips and strong jaws; perfect bodies; muscled, not too much but well-defined; great asses; perfect skin and totally smooth... and nice solid cocks. Everything I could wish for a one-on-one scene: obvious joy and passion between the models, kissing, sucking, and rimming before Dick's dick starts pounding Kris's hot butt... and that final cum shot of Dick, shooting a fountain of sperm high and far behind his shoulders...just great. Not to forget the camera work, showing all the hot action with sufficient changes in camera position and angle, close-ups of the hottest penetration views, and always perfect lighting... in all aspects just great! Thanks for that, guys! Can I ask what DVD title that's gonna appear in?

Nympho_Maniac, 16/March/2014

Quel plaisir de voir en action deux jours de suite l'adorable petit Kris WALLACE. Quant à cette scène, elle est exceptionnelle. Félicitations.

PASCALOUX, 17/March/2014

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