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UK Exclusive, Mickey Taylor, Demonstrates His Inked Solo Antics With A Jizz-Load Of Cum! HD

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Added: 16/March/2014
Duration: 15 minutes, 35 seconds
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He’s not going to be everyone’s idea of the perfect man, but if you like your boys on the rough side with a somewhat unpredictable edge then young Mickey Taylor is almost certainly going to catch your eye. Indeed, with his peroxide blond hair and his array of unusual tattoos – including one that runs along the stem of his dick, ouch! – he’s not exactly the sort of character that’s going to blend into the background. Far from it, in fact. As his initial interview infers, he’s a natural-born exhibitionist – the perfect quality for anyone who wants to take their clothes off and fuck around on camera.

On this occasion, mind, things take a decidedly solo turn, as the youngster eases himself back on his bed and reaches out for the thick, meaty shaft that he has stashed in his jeans – arguably the most attractive feature of his body and an organ that’s in serious of closer attention. Something that director, Michael Burling, takes very much into account as he focuses the attention of the camera onto the thick, veiny, uncut shaft in order for us to enjoy every inch of flesh that nature has given this lad.

Needless to say, we’ve every expectation that you lot of horny fuckers are just gonna love this performance; and by the time that Taylor’s cock spews out an almost obscene quantity of jizz all over the fellow’s own belly, there’s every possibility that you’ll have knocked out a load (or maybe even more!) of your own in appreciation. In short, a definite must-see wanktastic experience!