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Kinky Lessons For Two Horny Students Result In A Plethora Of Hard Cock & Sweet Jizz! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 26)
Added: 19/March/2014
Duration: 26 minutes, 25 seconds
Comments: 25


Johan Volny’s a somewhat demanding tutor – a man who believes in stretching his students to the very maximum of their potential. Whether he envisages the kind of stretching that Francisco Ruck and Kris Wallace have in mind at the start of this classroom set-piece is another matter entirely, however. That said, the fellow should know better than to give the two charges what appear to be a pair of sex-aids as part of their art lesson – after all, we pretty much know what kind of lads Ruck and Wallace are and there’s only ever going to be the one outcome.

As such, it comes as absolutely no surprise that Volny’s disappearance from the room immediately signals the start of some hardcore antics from this pair of dirty-minded dudes, with each guy trying out the toys on their dicks before Wallace reverts completely to type and starts sucking on his buddy’s knob for all he’s worth! It’s a move that can only hope to get one response from Ruck, and needless to report it’s not long before the fellow is rimming Wallace’s asshole before plunging his thick, meaty shaft deep inside the unprotected pucker.

It’ll come as absolutely no surprise to anyone to hear that the young bottom takes every inch that Ruck can thrust in his direction; and Wallace is soon eagerly responding by sitting on his mate’s lap and riding that handsome ramrod for all it’s worth. It’s a turn of events that can only ever have one outcome; with Wallace literally having the jizz banged out of him, before Ruck jerks out a quite terrific geyser-like spray in reply. Has a life of hard study ever looked so hot?!

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Some of us prayed for Francisco's return and Staxus said...yes ! It's amazing to see some boys of the good old times coming back. Francisco was inactive on Staxus and finally he returned for a very pleasant school theme scene with Kris. I was missing you, Francisco . So nice to see you again !

Vaclav, 19/March/2014

Staxus spoiled us with this spicy hot scene. I agree with Vaclav, its great to see Francisco Ruck again. It is not for nothing he has the maximum average of 5. I like the flashy colored cock rings / ball stretchers. Perfect sucking and fucking and what i like most is the long rimming in this scene. 5/5 for Francisco and 5/5 for Kris Wallace 5/5 for this scene and in my favorite scenes

noelweets, 19/March/2014

Une nouvelle scène qui atteint la perfection. Félicitations et un immense merci à STAXUS de nous proposer régulièrement de telles réalisations.

PASCALOUX, 19/March/2014

These guys are both hot but I do like francisco better with the blonde i his hair awesome scene hope to see more!

deekster, 11/January/2015

I am really, really missing me some Francisco. Maybe you guys could have him visit for a nice 3-way? Mmmmm

Robby, 28/April/2016

We've been snowed in for afew days so not much else to do than have some nice sex with my partner while some great Staxus vids were playing on our big screen. This vid caught our attention very quickly. My partner loves cock so the boys cock play and the toys that really accentuated their helmeths and cock veins made him very happy. I'm an ass man so Kris's wonderful hole so expertly rimmed by Francisco certainly made me hot. To that we must add Staxus' usual great camerawork - particularly the shots from below that showed the penetration plus Kris's helmet & veiny cock at the same time - and the two gloriously creamy cumshots. All in all, we liked this vid a lot - maybe a 4.75 out of 5 which is a very high rating for us. Plus we'll be checking out other vids of hese two cute boys.

docmoc, 05/March/2018

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