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Plumber Gets His Pipes Cleaned Out Big Time With A Double-Climax Flip-Flop Fuck! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 24)
Added: 23/March/2014
Duration: 23 minutes, 5 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s a scenario that’s almost as old as porn itself – namely, the visit of a sexy young plumber who comes to give his client’s pipes a thorough investigation and clean-out. But the chances are that most fans will forgive director John Smith for any lack of originality in this sordid little escapade, given that both STAXUS favourite, Dick Casey, and new boy, Jason Mike, are in fine sexual fettle from the off. Mike’s acting skills may not win him an Oscar – his comic floundering with a shower-hose serving as the catalyst for Casey’s visit – but who the fuck cares?

The fact remains that both these lads are as sexy as fuck; and by the time they’re hooked up together on the settee sharing an open-mouthed kiss there’s every good chance that you’ll be reaching for your zipper in anticipation of the fun to cum! Don’t blow too soon, though. Whilst there’s no denying the joy of watching these two beauties exchange blow-jobs and rim each other’s asses, the highlight of their sexual antics doesn’t come until Casey sits himself down on his client’s lap and begins to savour every unforgiving inch that Mike’s dick can offer.

Cue a absolutely terrific flip-flopping fuckathon that results in Casey producing one of the best cum-shots you’re likely to have seen for years – the shots spraying over his head onto the arm of the sofa! What’s more, having immediately fucked Mike to his own gooey climax, Casey knocks out a second load with such ease that you’d think the spunk was on-tap! All in all, a definite classic in the making that’s guaranteed to hit all the right spots!

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More from Jason please - very cute!

memesteve, 23/March/2014

Well, the all too obviously (not) "broken" plumbing is a bit ridiculous, but the following sex scene is just UBER-hot! Two gorgeous guys in great rimming, sucking and fucking scenes - and Dick Casey, after having been pounded and squirting a huge load, just keeps on fucking, topping Jason, and shoots another big load... what a stud! :)

Nympho_Maniac, 23/March/2014

Dick Casey is the most gorgeous and sexy plumber i ever saw. I have a leak in my shower so please send this horny plumber to my place. After he fixed the leak we can take a shower together. (LOL) Like i said before, Dick Casey is one of my favorites and it's a perfect match with Jason Mike in this great scene. A 5/5 rating !!!

noelweets, 23/March/2014

Sorry Flip Flops do nothing for me. This could have been excellent of the Plumber was the plumber and cleaned out the kids pipes. I'm sure I'm in the minority.

Bobby, 23/March/2014

Une nouvelle scène exceptionnelle. Bravo

PASCALOUX, 24/March/2014

Dick Casey: A twink angel in stud clothing...

existenz, 11/July/2014

This one had such potential but the finished was botched. Jason Mikes should have unloaded a gusher on Dick's nice perky ass. The whole "cum in my face" finish thing is way old!

Videohouse, 06/August/2014

I love this scene and the two guys match perfectly well together. Hot pairing, hot sex, sexy bodies. Great.

Christian, 28/September/2014

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