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Billy Rubens Goes Raw & Aaron Aurora Goes Ga-Ga For Dick As A Result! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 33)
Added: 25/March/2014
Duration: 21 minutes, 59 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s no doubting the uproar that young Billy Rubens has caused since he first stepped in front of the camera – and who can possibly claim to be surprised at that? With his gorgeous physique, pretty-boy face and a cock to die for it’s no fucking wonder that he’s almost single-handedly threatened to send STAXUS fans into meltdown en-masse! But this geek scene, with the ever-popular Aaron Aurora and the petite Chase Hunt, takes Rubens to a whole new level, as the toned-up beauty finally succumbs to the inevitable and throws his rubbers to one side for a fabulous threeway fuckathon!

A decision that immediately gained Aurora’s attention prior to the shoot, who quite simply begged us to let him be the one who the fellow’s raw inches for the very first time. That youngster is such a brazen slut – a fine credential that’s only underlined here when he enjoys a very energetic spit-roasting over a desk! For not only does the lad allow both buddies to bang away at his ass with total impunity, but he also deep-throats Rubens’s dick with the kind of gusto that only a pro could ever hope to emulate.

The result is a truly stupendous display of man-on-boy rutting that’ll have you jerking off countless times, and which threatens to shoot both Rubens and Aurora into the gay porn stratosphere! If the sight of these three beauties doing the biz doesn’t do it for you then fuck knows what will. In short, if Kleenex sponsored porn then this is exactly the kind of scene that would seal the deal!

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Chase Hunt : vous êtes magnifique. J'ai adoré regarder la partie où vous avez parlé en français à la fin (lol) . Chase Hunt is an amazing performer. I loved to see the way he had his climax, speaking in french lol ... He's the best french on porn that I've seen on the last months. Regarding this scene, we can see again a superb Aaron, always ready for...anyone else ! Nice threesome. To enjoy of course.

Vaclav, 25/March/2014

Totally agree with Vaclav.

memesteve, 25/March/2014

Getting a 404 on the download video links for the past few videos, is the CDN working?

Antura, 25/March/2014

Hi Antura! Seems to be working on our end, is anyone else experiencing this?

Staxus - Andy, 25/March/2014

Dunno what CDN stands for but downloaded the "Full HD " vid last night no probs and it DL quickly as well..

StuartB, 25/March/2014

I see Aaron has a small tattoo in his left ear ..looks like a letter M or perhaps a sound wave

StuartB, 25/March/2014

One of my favourit Boys is Aaron! I have a folder with all his vids! I would love to see more of this Boy especially his eyes! I would love to see Him in a romantic movie !?! Aaron always turns me on !

neville38, 25/March/2014

I was really looking forward to seeing Billy bareback on video for the first time, and this was excellent to watch! I think these boys made a perfect group.

Jasper, 25/March/2014

Si Chase a effectivement parlé en français à la fin de la vidéo, c'est pour prononcer trois fois de suite un mot très vulgaire correspondant au plus vieux métier du monde. J'espère que cet adorable jeune homme utilise au quotidien un vocabulaire plus élaboré. Ceci étant dit, cette vidéo est bonne.

PASCALOUX, 25/March/2014

One of the best Threeways absolutely perfect all three guys were so into this! Always good to Aaron back!

DeWayne in SD, 27/March/2014

Re my comment about a tattoo in Aarons left ear he said in Twitter he has no tats ..A further closer look at 21.28 minutes reveals it is a wire connecting the 2 studs in his ear so mystery solved

StuartB, 04/April/2014

I love the nerdy look on Billy Rubens!

aashintu, 29/April/2014

I love the nerdy look on Billy Rubens!

aashintu, 29/April/2014

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