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Horny Army Boy Gives And Takes Plenty Of Rock Hard Inches From A Grateful Civilian! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 21)
Added: 31/March/2014
Duration: 21 minutes, 57 seconds
Comments: 25


It takes a brave man to be a soldier, but it takes a real hero to put his life on the line in order to tackle the threat of an unexploded mine or grenade. So hats off to Jason Mike – a cool-headed officer, who single-mindedly puts the interests of self to one side in the opening moments of this exquisite scene. His reward, of course, is in part the knowledge that he did the right thing; but in this particular instance his heroics also lead to the discovery of Yuri Adamov, a young twink who’s hiding in a disused building nearby and who’s clearly only relieved at meeting his rescuer.

So relieved, in fact, that he’s prepared to do literally anything to demonstrate his gratitude – which probably explains why he’s semi-naked in bed with Mike just a few moments later. Whether this is a professional move on the soldier’s part is a matter for debate, of course, but it’s not uncommon for those who live hard to want to play hard – and, believe us, playing hard is definitely what both these lads do for the ensuing quarter-hour!

Whether it’s greedily feasting on each other’s dicks whilst laid out top-to-tail, or taking it in turns to fuck each other’s hungry little ass-holes, these two cuties are determined to make the very most of their unexpected encounter. No doubt about it, you’re just gonna love watching them explore every inch of carnal pleasure – all culminating in both lads spewing fabulous quantities of goo in their primeval excitement. A reaction that will be no doubt matched back home!

Member comments: add comment

Your insistence on a flip flop ruined this vid for me. Let tops me tops and bottoms be bottoms.

bobby, 31/March/2014

Please MORE flip-flops!!

eric-a12, 31/March/2014

And the two comments above show how hard it is to please everyone! lol I enjoyed this video, and it doesn't make a lot of difference to me who tops and who bottoms in most of the scenes. All the guys are hot and worth watching.

Tommy, 31/March/2014

Flip-Flops while wearing Black knee high socks with Pink POLKA DOTS ALWAYS! I will accept NOTHING LESS! (Sarcasm for those without the gene) Having said that this is one hot little video and yes being a flip fuck makes it BETTER! ;-)

DeWayne in SD, 31/March/2014

always for flip-flops! good to see Yuri again and is welcome adition to staxus models

marko, 31/March/2014

Hallo ich kann immer noch nicht lo in .Sagen Sie mir bitte was ich tun kann um lo in auszuführen.Seit Wochen ist es nicht möglich Ihr Programm zu sehen.

Florett, 01/April/2014

reaction to Crimea? On photos is real uniform of Russian Navy in Black See...sorry...I thing this is too much....

Zorro, 01/April/2014

Hi Zorro! These scenes were shot about 2 months ago, nothing was happening in Crimea back then.

Staxus - Andy, 01/April/2014

Lieber Florett, können Sie bitte auf ein Ticket einreichen und Ihr Problem etwas genauer schildern? Wir dachten Sie hätten Schwierigkeiten beim Einloggen, da Sie aber ein Kommentar im Mitgliederbereich gepostet haben, und somit eingeloggt sind, kann das wohl nicht das Problem sein. Wir freuen uns von Ihnen zu hören.

Staxus - Andy, 01/April/2014

just one is UKRAIN!!!! Russian has not own culture. Original is from Kiev! Kievskaja Rossija!!!!Vivat!

Tarras Bulba, 01/April/2014

Une nouvelle scène parfaite avec deux sublimes modèles .Le petit YURI est vraiment une excellente et adorable recrue. Félicitations.

PASCALOUX, 01/April/2014

LOL I knew I would be the only one to complain, lol But its me, don't like flip flops, but the guys are cute and I respect the other opinions.

Bobby, 07/April/2014

I love Jason Mike. He is one of yur sexiest guys and the BEST for great horny flip flops with is great ass and dick ! The small Russian partner is so cute as well. Thanks for it all.

Christian, 20/July/2014

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