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Classroom Toy Fun Leads To Horny Twink Getting Spit-Roasted Raw By His Big Dicked Buddies! HD

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Added: 17/April/2014
Duration: 23 minutes, 13 seconds
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There’s a school of thought that fervently believes that a “hands-on” approach to education is by far the most effective, and it’s clearly an attitude that’s evidently been adopted by the authorities at the STAXUS academy given the demonstration given here by Chris Hollander, David Hanson and Oscar Roberts. Faced with the opportunity to see what fun can be had together in the classroom, they almost immediately abandon theory for practice – eagerly slurping on each other’s dicks, before blond boy, Hollander, produces a sex toy to help spice up the occasion.

Needless to say, it’s a decidedly practical experience all round, with the said dildo put to enthusiastic use on Hanson’s ass – clearly in an effort to help ease any reluctant tightness! Needless to report, it’s not long before the said hole has opened right up and is ready for business – at which point Hollander is the first to pounce, stuffing his badly swollen phallus deep inside to give the lad the kind of stretching he deserves! Not that the blond lad’s dick is the only shaft to dock in Hanson’s port, so to speak.

Before long Roberts is also giving the hungry bottom a further pounding; culminating in an energetic spit-roasting that’ll have you reaching for the Kleenex in no time at all. But it’s the sight of Hollander and Roberts squirting all over the lad’s face that’ll almost certainly guarantee an appreciative climax from you dirty-minded fans; with Hanson knocking out his own pent-up load to signal the final wrap!

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Oscar Roberts never lost his 7+" hard on. Awesome young man. Chris Hollander and David Hanson were great as well. This will go into my FAVORITE folder. Nice job boys.

♥dr, 17/April/2014

Would have liked more playing with the dildo (as the photos promised), but Oscar and Chris played him well without.

Steven, 17/April/2014

Oscar : top or bottom ? It doesn't matter. With him, sex is always a fun thing to be done and always to be done with nicely and with emotion. My eyes were on him ;) . As I said before about another scene, in my time school wasn't like this lol . No it wasn't lol

Vaclav, 18/April/2014

That was an amazing video. Wow love that bottom lol

Cedric, 23/July/2016

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