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Dick Casey’s Smokin’ Hot Ass Gets The Interracial Double-Penetration It Deserves! HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 38)
Added: 08/April/2014
Duration: 20 minutes, 53 seconds
Comments: 25


Now we’ve all heard of guys with smokin’ hot asses, but this stupendous suck-and-fuck-fest gives that figure of speech a literal interpretation as Benjamin Dunn teams up with Dominican studs Devon LeBron and Alejandro Marbena to provide Dick Casey’s rump the kind of rigorous workout it was created for! But it isn’t cock that Casey’s hole is entertaining – at least to start, anyway – rather (of all things) a cigarette, which Dunn fits snugly into the eager ring for a little comic relief. Not that Casey appears greatly perturbed by such unusual antics, which continue when his white compatriot stuffs the fag down the end of his cock and between his toes.

Clearly he knows that this is just a foretaste of the real action to come – and given that Casey’s in the company of two of the hottest, hardest black studs around he’s certain not to be disappointed. There’s something of a warm-up for the lad’s hole, however, when LeBron and Marbena lift the fellow up onto Dunn’s raw dick. But it’s what follows – a breathtaking double penetration – that really gives this four-way the edge, as Casey proceeds to accommodate two cocks up his ass whilst maintaining that trademark smile of his!

It’s a prize-winning achievement, that’s for sure; and it’s one that’s almost certainly gonna have guys around the world reaching for the Kleenex en-masse. Talking of which, we’ll leave you to speculate how much tissue was needed to clean up Casey once director John Smith called it a wrap, but when you see the quantity of jizz these lads produce you’ll know it was no easy task!

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We hope you like the bonus gallery and scene I scheduled as a bonus scene for you guys for my birthday!

Eelco - Staxus, 08/April/2014

Hey Eelco, congratulations and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! All the best! :-) Regarding the scene: I love three- and foursomes, DPs, big dicks, and particularly interracials; and this scene, you've combined all of them in one scene, with some of the hottest guys and the biggest dicks Staxus has to offer! Wow... great, thanks a lot! :)

Nympho_Maniac, 08/April/2014

This was such a disappointment. Dick Casey and Devon LeBron are world-class--two of my favorites. But this movie is dull, dull, dull, the guys just going through the motions. Casey is a submissive hot stud and should be shown that way: displaying his hole and tongue-servicing Devon's hole. For real eroticism, Casey MUST service the dominant black cock. Please try again. With such resources, you can do better.

calm lake, 08/April/2014

So much wasted potential here I don't even know where to start. It could have been an awesome video. I guess must here will love it, all they want is to see cocks go in holes and months. But it's really what cocks go in what holes that make a great vid.

bobby, 08/April/2014

I would like to see Dick fuck Devon

member, 08/April/2014

I would like see Alejandro fuck Ben and then Ben fuck Alejandro ...and some good train will be great

garcia, 08/April/2014

Yes...with those 4 guys video can be hours and hours long...and never enought

steven, 08/April/2014

Happy Birthday and thanks for showing this scene

marko, 08/April/2014

Une nouvelle scène parfaite de John SMITH. J'aimerais voir des scènes dans lesquelles DEVON et ALEJANDRO s'occuperaient de BRAD FITT, KRIS WALLACE et de l'adorable TIM WALKER qu'on n'a pas vu tourner pour STAXUS depuis le 04/08/2013.

PASCALOUX, 08/April/2014

I don't see the fun smoking sigarettes when you have sex. I would feel offended when my partner had a sigarette in his mouth or in his hand while we have sex. Pity ... because i am a fan of Dick Casey and the black guys. But NO 5/5 for this poor scene.

noelweets, 08/April/2014

Joining all these 4 guys in on set is an amazing task. And they made a very good moment of porn. But I think something more is missing here. Something more about .. a little bit more of action ;) ... Would love to see Alejandro taking Casey ;)

Vaclav, 10/April/2014

It's a nice scene. But I wish that Alejandro would have gotten a chance to fuck Dick, it was mentioned in the blog that Dick taking both Devon and Alejandro would have been a bit too much. But it would have been fun to see him taking turns with Devon instead. Devon is hot, but he doesn't pound the bottoms as good as Alejandro :P

Biggerthebetter, 12/April/2014

Dick Casey should start eating black ass. He is the perfect submissive when he lets himself go....Superb pussy-boy!

Calhoun, 30/July/2014

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