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Waiting Room Boredom Gets Fucked Away By Two Hyper-Horny, Big-Dicked Youngsters! HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 34)
Added: 24/April/2014
Duration: 20 minutes, 36 seconds
Comments: 25


They say opposites attract – and let’s face it, could there be anything more divergent than the reading habits of these two geeky twinks? Kurt Maddox sits reading Time magazine, which espouses an article about the decline of the honey bee. Jaxon Radoc, in total contrast, passes the time away by flicking through the pages of a porn mag. Needless to report, given that this is a porn scene that we’re talking about, the bees never really stand a chance!

Before you know it, Radoc has charmed Maddox’s oversized dick from out of the lad’s trousers and is giving his dark-haired fuck-buddy a rigorous blow-job. In return, Maddox is soon feasting on the Aussie boy’s ramrod; before temptation gets the better of him and he plonks his ass down on Radoc’s handsome, uncut knob. It’s a turn of events that clearly thrills the horny young bottom, who proceeds to engage in a series of positions in order to enjoy the full extent of Radoc’s pole; before the whole scenario just becomes totally unbearable and he jerks out a fabulous wad of fresh jizz whilst the blond top continues to pound him from beneath.

Not to be outdone in any way, Radoc then positions himself over his mate’s face and knocks out an equally generous dump of sweet jizz for the camera. It’s exactly the kind of action that would improve any waiting room ten—times over, and which will once again cement both these guys into the collective memory of our fans. All in all, a guaranteed top-notch cum-blaster!

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WOW Jaxon and Kurt are so HOTTTTTTT ;) I love it

johnb2014, 24/April/2014

jaxon une merveille , encore des scènes plus hard voir de la soumission

didieropera, 24/April/2014

I love Jaxon. Anything he does is a 5 for me.

♥dr, 24/April/2014

Je suis très agréablement surpris par cette vidéo que je trouve très bonne. Les réalisations de Monsieur BURLING s'améliorent de plus en plus et j'en suis ravi. Félicitations.

PASCALOUX, 24/April/2014

Kurt loves riding Sex. I love you, Kurt, noble Boy. I want worship your sacred Cock and I want to eat and to venerate your holy Sperm

Paolo Monaco, 06/August/2017

naturallly, I joking.

Paolo Monaco, 06/August/2017

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