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Kris Wallace Takes A Mammoth Black Cock Up His Hungry White Ass & Loves Every Inch! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 34)
Added: 20/April/2014
Duration: 21 minutes, 35 seconds
Comments: 25


Kris Wallace has been a very firm favourite with the STAXUS fan-base ever since he first appeared in front of our cameras, and it’s not exactly difficult to see why. Cute as a button and with a physique to die for, he’s pretty much the dream fuck of every gay man with a pulse. But if you thought the ratings of this Polish cock-magnet couldn’t get any higher then maybe this stunning interracial scene with Alejandro Marbena could seriously change your mind. Young Wallace is as utterly desirable as ever; and given the opportunity to prove his worth with one of the biggest dicks in the biz he produces a truly sterling performance that will seriously threaten to burn an unforgettable imprint in your mind!

In short, Wallace is quite literally smokin’ hot from the very start, and pounces of the Dominican’s oversized trouser-snake like his life depended on it. Not that a session of oral adoration is ever going to satisfy this dirty-minded white boy – no matter how keenly performed! The fact remains that Wallace isn’t really happy until he’s got Marbena’s thick, black fuck-rod deeply imbedded between his pale butt-cheeks – a sentiment that we suspect pretty much everyone who watches this little escapade will relate to.

From that point on, however, the Pole is truly in his element, taking every inch like a pro and ultimately concluding his performance cowboy-style with a cum-shot that Old Faithful would be proud of! The only thing left to top the show off would be for the fellow to take Marbena’s load all over his face ... and guess what? This boy really is a total porn champ!

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kris wallace une vrai réserve a cum a quand une scène ou kris serait soumis - attache - travaille du cul avec plusieurs god de plus en plus gros - de la cire chaude sur le corps- roue à point -pompe à bite et son maitre serait chase hunt

didieropera, 20/April/2014

Thanks Staxus for this great Easter present. 5/5 and one of my favorite scenes.

noelweets, 20/April/2014

So hot I almost came without touching myself. You could tell that they both loved every single second of it. Kriss looks his absolute best with a big black cock up his ass =D Many times there are some minor things that could have been better in scenes, but this is it, the scene is just divine =D The best easter egg of my life.

Biggerthebetter, 20/April/2014

I adore Kris since the first day I saw him here on Staxus. And, here, with Alejandro, he did again a very good scene. He loves to have fun ;) ... oh yes he does ! Loved seeing him taking from behind .. the camera showed everything from behind on the beginning like the way I enjoy so much.

Vaclav, 20/April/2014

Une scène qui atteint la perfection absolue. Le petit KRIS est un jeune homme sexy, adorable et mignon comme un cœur. Félicitations.

PASCALOUX, 20/April/2014

I can't wait for that last scene with Alejandro that we got a glimpse of in the forum when it was online, judging from the pictures it's some seriously hot stuff =D

Biggerthebetter, 23/April/2014

One of the Best scenes for both men this was so hot just listening to the frenzied breathing and seeing the hungry looks on both their faces said much about what they were feeling here. Top Shelf scene!

DeWayne in SD, 07/May/2014

PEOPLE! When you say big dick, isn't it safe to assume it's HARD as well? 11 min in & i'm cancelling out...this is a fucking joke

Morgan, 03/May/2017

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