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Cute White Twink Worships Black Cock & Gets His (Once) Tight Ass Pounded Big Time! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 20)
Added: 25/April/2014
Comments: 25


Is it really any wonder that young Troy Stevenson can’t keep his eyes off Devon LeBron when he stumbles upon the black stud working up a sweat with a pair of dumbbells? After all, the Dominican hunk is like a chiselled god as he pumps his muscles – a veritable Adonis, whom the white boy simply has to worship at the very first opportunity.

Hence it’s only a few moments before Stevenson has stepped into the room, wiped down LeBron’s rippled ebony flesh with a towel and then finally reached into the black guy’s shorts to uncover the thick, meaty, uncut shaft that we all know is already aching for attention. Attention that the pert little twink is only too eager and willing to give – big time! Indeed, LeBron’s black mamba is very quickly being given full-on oral stimulation by Stevenson, whose own cock (albeit an attractive offering) is dwarfed in comparison to that of his co-star. It’s little surprise, therefore, that the white lad’s ambition is to get the full length of that magnificent ramrod pounding away at his butt – a wish that LeBron is soon fulfilling without so much as a hint of compromise.

If the sight of a horny white pucker getting stretched to the max by a dick that’s so big it could almost belong to another, superior species then this is your scene without a shadow of a doubt. All captured in close-up detail, as LeBron punches every inch of meat into his buddy; with Stevenson quite literally swivelling his tiny frame on the end of the stud’s knob in order to enjoy the full range of positions. No fuckin’ wonder that both fellows are soon spewing like geysers– LeBron whitewashing Stevenson’s hole and then fucking it for old time’s sake!

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In no way whatsoever do I intend any racism, but I must say that I signed on with this site for white boy twink sex, and you very often deliver exactly that. I am turned on by white models, plain and simple. Please use white models. It's what I pay for.

Spadna, 25/April/2014

I like the blank white vids but in this case Troy does nothing for me. and Devon need to have more of an edge about him. Oh and where are the Brad Fitts Tim Walker and Tim Law types, they were hot. The latest seem to be going through the motions.

bobby, 25/April/2014

I must admit I agree with the 2 comments before, been a member for a long time but in all honesty probably going to cancel. This site used to be young fit twinks with a good few Brits, now it is just boys coated in make up. Far far too much make up.

J, 25/April/2014

I don't agree wiyh the comments of Spadna, booby and J I am Caucsian ( a white man) But i like the scenes with Black models with giant monster cocks. Devon LeBron is one of my favorites and Troy Stevenson was great in this horny scene. My rating for this scene is a BIG 5/5

noelweets, 25/April/2014

Having watched the scene between the gorgeous big-dicked Devon Lebron and Troy Stevenson I must also disagree with the critics. The scene kicks off to a slow and quiet start but once the sexual juices start to flow it gets much more intense. I really enjoyed seeing Devon Lebron rev up his fuck of Troy. Somehow Devon is really able to let loose and use his huge member to penetrate Troy to the max. Kudos to Troy Stevenson for being a first rate bottom who seems to take Devon in deep and still maintain a raging boner. The angles and sexual positions here really get my blood flowing. The reason I love Staxus is precisely because they choose diversity. A myriad number of websites only feature white models. Thanks Staxus for thinking outside the box!!!

kalamzoo89, 25/April/2014

I have been a member for a long time but actually agree with Spadna . I am not racist, indeed have several black friends, but don't enjoy black models on the site. I, like Spadna, like white boy twinks. I accept that you must have a balance and cater for all tastes, but think you have too many black models on the site.

keith, 25/April/2014

I think Staxus pleases all tastes and needs to give variety which they do very well. Troy blends well against the dark skin of Devon and performs so well and keeps hard & horny. But the make up for these fresh young Boys is unnecesary!?!

Neville, 25/April/2014

I don't get the negatives at all how anyone could not be turned on by that perfect black cock up to the hilt in that perfect arse is beyond me. It makes for such sexy viewing thank you for all the obvious hard work that went into the filming. The long and very satisfactory wanks I've had make it worthwhile in my book.

John Hammer, 25/April/2014

I don't understand some of the opinions here, there are only three black models amongst how many white boys? And Staxus has lots of different guys because members like all kinds of performers. This is not all about YOU, and not every scene on here is designed, written and cast just to make YOU happy. People need to grow up, this was a hot scene with two hot boys. If you don't like it, there's more than a thousand other videos for you to enjoy.

Jasper, 25/April/2014

Je suis en total désaccord avec les commentaires qui ont été faits sur ces deux modèles. Je ne peux pas accepter que quiconque se permette de critiquer les acteurs qui en absence de crise profonde en Europe feraient pour l'immense majorité d'entre eux autre chose que du porno gay. Ceci étant dit, cette scène est excellente et j'aimerais à l'avenir que DEVON s'occupe de Tim LAW, Tim WALKER et Brad FITT.

PASCALOUX, 25/April/2014

I loved the scene, Devon has really started to pound the boys fast and deep not leaving an inch of his cock to waste :P and the ass to mouth action was superb. Considering the IR scenes on Staxus only make up a few percent of the content on Staxus' website I don't think it's in anyway "taking over" People have different tastes, there are some scenes that doesn't really turn me on whilst others may become crazy horny from them which is just fine for me we all like different things. If you don't like the interracial scenes it's easy to simply not just watch/download them no one is forcing anyone to watch them and except for the last two or three weeks scenes with white twinks has made up almost all realeases. The internet is full of thousands twink scenes/movies, but Staxus is delivering something that is very rare great scenes with cute white twinks and big black cocks =D which is really rare otherwise.

Biggerthebetter, 25/April/2014

Do a grand total of three or four "black models" constitute a majority on a website featuring 100's of white models??? Must be a new fuzzy math??? Once again I applaud Staxus for not only delivering a hot interracial scene with Devon and Troy but also for daring to be different.

kalamzoo89, 26/April/2014

I´m pretty sure the boys had make up even a few years ago. When filmed in HD the make up but also blemish are much more visible. Go back and watch a scene that was filmed lets say 3-5 years ago and see how few details you actually see.

MiX5, 27/April/2014

I'm longing for the next IR scene, but I guess that staxus has to satisfy those who don't like interracial porn for a while to not make them angry :(

Biggerthebetter, 29/April/2014

This is one of Devons better scenes he does not hold back thrusting up into Troy. Devon seems to have gotten over his "oh shit I might break the twinkies" fright he displayed in early scenes. Makeup in gay porn is as old as gay porn Falcon in the 80's was notorious for slathering it on with a trowel. I think many sites are getting better and with 1080 HD you want some makeup to cover those distracting blemishes. One thing I would suggest Staxus. Your big American Competitor has not had a pimply (razor burned) butt to be seen in nearly 2 years every since they told the lads to lay off the razor we will send you for a professional BUTT waxing ;-p

DeWayne in SD, 07/May/2014

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