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Doctor Johnson Gets His Raw Ass Fucked By A Mammoth-Sized Patient! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 43)
Added: 29/April/2014
Duration: 21 minutes, 37 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s a decidedly “tongue in cheek” approach to the start of this medical encounter, with Matt Johnson playing the part of a doctor who encounters a larger-than-life dick during the course of his daily routine – courtesy of young Jace Reed, who’s clearly only too eager to get out of his clothes the moment he’s invited to do so by the medic. Then again, with a donkey-sized salami in his trousers who can possibly blame him for being such an exhibitionist?

Not that Johnson puts out any complaints; though the initial apparition from behind the modesty-screen does leave the poor doctor quite literally open-mouthed! A predicament that continues when the medic then proceeds to give the said oversized ramrod a thorough oral examination. It’s certainly not a procedure that’s usually adopted by the medical profession, it must be noted, but it’s one that you size-queens are just gonna love big time, as Johnson gives that thick, meaty shaft exactly the kind of tight-lipped adoration it  deserves!

Not wanting to miss out on the action, the cheeky-looking Reed immediately returns the compliment by subsequently feasting on his doctor’s now-swollen dick-head; before then thrusting his own pulsating pole-axe deep into Johnson’s eager little pucker. The result is a fabulous over-the-desk fuck, which the two lads only top by Johnson manfully sitting on Reed’s pole on a nearby armchair and taking every solid inch. Little wonder that both boys are soon popping their corks in a sweaty, spunk-filled crescendo that’ll have you creaming your pants big time!

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Jace Reed and Matt Johnson @staxus Doctor Examination Can I be the nurse? Nice 22 cm cock Jace. HOTT boner throughout Matt. You boys were 5+ @dr2450

♥dr , 29/April/2014

Don't get me wrong they ae both hot. But the scene really didn't work for me when the doctor got seduced LOL. It's the patient that should come in almost straight and get seduced, no get totally used.

Bobby, 29/April/2014

Une nouvelle scène exceptionnelle. Bravo.

PASCALOUX, 29/April/2014

It's a good scene but would have worked better if Matt J was the patient and Jace Reed the Doctor...more believable . Should have done without the mask and the hair net ...Docs don't wear them unless in theatre.

StuartB, 29/April/2014

Thought the scene was good :) Hey! Why shouldn't the Doctor get his ass pounded? He saw what he wanted through the glass :)) Jace has a great cock also! If, by chance, we knew what they were saying, maybe things make more sense?

Billy, 30/April/2014

Of course, Matt looks a bit young to convince as a doctor ;-) But both are hot guys, nice faces (particularly Matt is really stunning), great dicks and asses... and very good action :)

Nympho_Maniac, 30/April/2014

this best fil

norbert, 02/May/2014

Wow. Jace was incredibly hot, long and juicy in this scene...yet, Matt Johnson is one of your most adorable models. Love him!

existenz, 25/September/2014

More Jace Reed! Love watching his cute ass as he pumps that big fat prick up other skinny boys' holes!

Skywryter, 27/September/2014

both jace reed and matt johnson so hot and both of them..

acckim, 20/September/2017

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