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Kamyk Walker Gives His Skaterboy Pal A Deep-Throated, Deep-Assed Pick-Me-Up! HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 41)
Added: 01/May/2014
Duration: 23 minutes, 33 seconds
Comments: 25


Being a skaterboy can be real hard work sometimes – if nothing else the sheer effort involved in keeping up the act can be physically draining. So before you think our lads have it easy, spare a thought for young Chase Evans, who enters this particular scene with Kamyk Walker looking like a fellow who’s ready to hit the sack rather than co-star in a porn scene! Fortunately for us all, however, he’s teamed up with a young guy who knows exactly how to get a fellow in the mood even when that said dude is perhaps feeling the worse for wear.

Cue a tremendous toe-sucking extravaganza that’ll have even the most reluctant of foot-fetish aficionados sensing the buzz, and which clearly gets Evans into a very different frame of mind given the boner that he soon has sprouting out of his crotch. Indeed, for those of you who don’t already know, Evans boasts the kind of cock that’d quite literally make grown men weep – but which Walker actually manages to deep-throat to the root!

That particular achievement in itself is almost enough to get most of the folks watching jerking off like crazy; but there’s still the sight of Evans energetically rimming Walker’s ass to enjoy, not to mention seeing the young Pole taking every inch of Evans’ oversized ramrod up his guts! Suffice it to say that Walker clearly savours every moment of the rigorous ass-stretching that he gets as a result, and it’s little wonder that the fellow is soon squirting in all directions. But it’s the sight of Evans dumping an inordinate volume of jizz over his mate’s open-mouthed face that deserves greatest mention. If that doesn’t work out a load (or three!) nothing ever will!