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Two Gym-Crazed Buddies Break A Sweat With A Raw Fuck & Oodles Of Hot Cum! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 38)
Added: 03/May/2014
Duration: 25 minutes, 59 seconds
Comments: 25


Keeping fit and trim is an essential part and parcel of any model's job - almost as important as breathing! - so Kris Wallace and Sven Laarson are not exactly unique in their desire to break into a sweat both inside the gym and out. What may differentiate them from some of the other guys in the modelling world however, is the fact that they're clearly not adverse to undertaking all kinds of unorthodox types of exercise to maintain their physique - including (in this instance) sucking on each other's dicks and engaging in hardcore cardiovascular fornication!

Of course, it all helps that both lads are as gorgeous as fuck and as boned-up as it's possible to be - snogging each other's faces off at the very first instance, before taking turns to slurp on every inch of hard dick that's on offer. But all that's nothing compared to what follows next, as the guys savour some truly magical ass-rimming and foot-sucking against the backdrop of a workout bench!

If this doesn't blow your nads into orbit itself, just wait for the moment that Laarson finally gets to thrust that handsome ramrod of his deep into Wallace's hungry little ass-hole - the signal for the start of a ball-blasting coupling that's worthy of a whole succession of wanks! Indeed, by the time that Wallace has quite literally had the spunk bummed out of him and Laarson has then concluded proceedings by spewing all over his gym-buddy's comely face, there's every chance possible that you'll have jerked yourself sore in response!

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Where is the dildo play that was in the pictures?

Boylicker, 03/May/2014

Sven is so gorgeous and HOTTTTTTT another great video thanks guys ;)

johnb2014, 03/May/2014

hélas , on ne voit pas le jeu de god, bien dommage , je vais me tourner de plus en plus vers helixstudio ou les plans sont plus cho et plus hard , bien juteux dans le cul

didieropera, 03/May/2014

Great, but next time I'd like to see some long and big anal beads up Kriss' talented ass :)

Biggerthebetter, 03/May/2014

Une scène extraordinaire, la perfection absolue. Kriss est l'un des meilleurs acteurs du porno gay à l'heure actuelle et Sven est mignon comme un ange. Félicitations.

PASCALOUX, 03/May/2014

Great scene with two of the hottest models!

Staxusfan, 04/May/2014

having been a member for some time this is the first comment I feel the need to write. firstly what a very hot scene with both models and kriss is fantastic as a bottom. But where is the dildo play that is in the photos? most disappointing not to see that, also why do the models when they are wearing sexy underwear such as jocks/thongs etc nearly always take them off at the start of a scene, why can we not have more sex between the models whilst wearing sexy underwear. also how about some leather/pvc/bondage fun between the moels, just for a change. I love this sight and do know it must be difficult to cater for all, but some more kinky role play would be good especially if they can keep their jockstraps on all the way through please xx

darren, 04/May/2014

hi we have some of that material coming up soon for you - kinky, fetish, dildos. we try to always keep it varied. sorry about the pictures they have been replaced and i asked the producers to not send in pics if they arent in the film.

steve, 06/May/2014

hi sieve and thanks for my reply to my question. I will look forward to those coming soon. Also may I ask if mike cage is going to make an appearance again soon? He is one of my favourites. Keep up the good work by the way, a great sight with lots of variety....oh and one more thing, any chance soon of some more outside filming, and maybe some piss play lol. Thanks again

darren, 07/May/2014

When will you realize that a Sportlaz video deserves that models are filmed wearing their hot sport clothes and shoes for a while. They are very sexy when working out or running with them on, especially if they are filmed outside and not only during the first minute and then they appear with them off at the beginning of the movie, as it happens here again. You always make the same mistake with sportladz videos. Very bad thing. I also disappoint the dildo play has been deleted.

JAGarcia, 10/May/2014

I agree you. These hot athletic boys would have to have stayed outdoors for a longer time. It's hot to enjoy them with those exciting sport shorts and shoes when training and working out for some minutes. The action is cut in any way, and then appear almost naked, The jockstrap portion is hot. I also missed more different angles of legs and body of both boys when doing abdominal work, only that general shot was not exciting.

Tony, 10/May/2014

Again what I do nto like in the new design : the " related" tags, flip flop, the text appears then noting. 1/ you do not know if it is a pict serie or a video and 2/ neither come up anyway... Can you check this please?

Christian, 04/July/2014

Hi Christian! There is no more video or photo gallery, these have been merged on 1 scene page. So every scene will have both video, photos and photo gallery zip within the same page to keep everything easier to navigate for members. Much easier when all the information and resources from a scene is all in one place. We are now fixing the 'related scenes' issue, it should be dealt with within the next few hours.

Staxus - Andy, 04/July/2014

Kris Wallace is par excellence one of the best bottoms in the industry and is way underrated in my humble opinion. As a bonus he is fanatical about keeping that delicious hole of his squeeky clean. Not some much as an errant hair on his alabaster ass. YUM

Videohouse, 24/August/2014

This is one hot scene both models are awesome and love seeing all their work hope to see more soon :)

deekster, 12/November/2014

agree with deekster - the two guys Kris and Sven are fabulous, beautiful and hot - great videography - sometimes the comments on this site seem to delight in criticism for its own sake - i loved it - thanks everyone

britpig, 07/December/2014

this just does';t get old for me. Two beautiful boys together. I love the footsy, pure erotica. I don't believe you and fake the pleasure the boys seem to get from this. Five Stars boys, filming was awesome as well..

❤dr, 09/November/2015

I love you, Kris, sweet Angel ! And I love your elegant Tan Line, delicious Boy !!

PaoloMonaco, 14/September/2017

but I love mostly your spiritual Body.

PaoloMonaco, 14/September/2017

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