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Two Gym-Crazed Buddies Break A Sweat With A Raw Fuck & Oodles Of Hot Cum! HD

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Added: 03/May/2014
Duration: 25 minutes, 59 seconds
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Keeping fit and trim is an essential part and parcel of any model's job - almost as important as breathing! - so Kris Wallace and Sven Laarson are not exactly unique in their desire to break into a sweat both inside the gym and out. What may differentiate them from some of the other guys in the modelling world however, is the fact that they're clearly not adverse to undertaking all kinds of unorthodox types of exercise to maintain their physique - including (in this instance) sucking on each other's dicks and engaging in hardcore cardiovascular fornication!

Of course, it all helps that both lads are as gorgeous as fuck and as boned-up as it's possible to be - snogging each other's faces off at the very first instance, before taking turns to slurp on every inch of hard dick that's on offer. But all that's nothing compared to what follows next, as the guys savour some truly magical ass-rimming and foot-sucking against the backdrop of a workout bench!

If this doesn't blow your nads into orbit itself, just wait for the moment that Laarson finally gets to thrust that handsome ramrod of his deep into Wallace's hungry little ass-hole - the signal for the start of a ball-blasting coupling that's worthy of a whole succession of wanks! Indeed, by the time that Wallace has quite literally had the spunk bummed out of him and Laarson has then concluded proceedings by spewing all over his gym-buddy's comely face, there's every chance possible that you'll have jerked yourself sore in response!