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Dick-Craving Twink Gets Manhandled, Fucked & Swallows Every Drop Of Alpha-Male’s Spunk! HD

3.9/5 (Total votes: 15)
Added: 27/April/2013
Duration: 23 minutes, 14 seconds
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There are some folks that you can upset without fear of consequence. Then there are others – like Riley Tess – who don’t take too kindly to being upset and who’ll stop at nothing to exact their revenge. As young Kai Alexander discovers to his cost at the beginning of this terrific escapade, which sees him being used and abused in every sense as a result of his opening faux-pas.

Bundled onto a bad, and with his hands tied behind his back, the young freckle-faced twink is subjected to a heated face-fuck that will either repulse or thrill, depending on your inclination. For those who savour the sight of a superior Alpha Male making his mark on a comparatively defenceless pup this is definitely top-notch stuff; and things only continue to get even hotter when Tess begins to plough his fuck-buddy’s ass as if he owns the boy. Anyone fearing that Alexander isn’t enjoying the unrivalled attention need not be worried, however.

The youngster is quietly having the time of his life in front of camera and clearly thinks nothing of being the fuck-rag of some dominant partner, even to the point of jerking himself off whilst Tess angrily thrusts dick down his throat! It’s all rather fitting, therefore, that the lad finishes off by guzzling up every drop of cum that Tess spurts into his mouth. Your own sticky appreciation seems almost guaranteed!